10 Annoying Things That Are Ruining Modern Video Games

Auto-aiming, X-ray vision and micro-transactions – kill them. Kill them all.

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20 Responses

  1. John Patz says:

    I'm glad you were willing to point out how we, the game consumers ourselves, are largely responsible for the current state of gaming. It's our supporting all the pre-order, games cut up to sell day 1 dlc, micro-transactions, not to mention broken and buggy games, and then even defending the devs and publishers for releasing them, that has created the current situation.

    Elsewhere on Youtube I was actually has someone say to me recently that you can't blame EA for releasing Mass Effect: Andromeda in the state it was in, they were just trying to get their money back after Bioware screwed it up. Can you believe it, according to this person EA is the victim, not those who spent their money on it.

  2. John Patz says:

    Ironically when whining about early access you show Ark, which not only is set for a release on August 8th, but it's also one of the games that actually changed my mind about earlier access from NEVER BUY, to only buy when there is enough content when I buy to justify the price and the devs are still active, listening and fixing/adding things. Ark's early access is far from perfect, and their releasing paid dlc for an EA title was horrible, but overall they have been an example to follow. The devs are not only active on forums and twitter, but have regularly updated the title the entire time it's been on early access, in fact the game that I play now, is vastly different then the game I first played a little over a year ago, and watching a few Sl1pg8r videos show me that the game I played then was much different than what he played when it was first released.

    While I do think there should be a "term limit" for games to stay on sale on early access on Steam, say 18-24 months, I can see allowing extensions for titles that are actively being developed, but just need a little more polish……………….. although honestly I think Ark has been ready for a 1.0 release for more than a year, and then Scorched Earth's release as paid dlc a few months later wouldn't have even caused anyone to blink.

  3. rigamorti99 says:

    I hate the interface of a console on a PC game.

  4. Bad Maw says:

    mirco trans actions are the worst and I never fall for them

  5. SoullessPotato says:

    We need more pure RPG titles. You know, the ones with 1 million different stats and attributes? Or at least turn based games similar to FF:Tactics.

  6. svampebob007 says:

    suck my ass

  7. MyGraveDancer says:

    Where are the cover mechanics? Playing some games is basically "press button to move to cover, then another to auto-aim, and then press the shoot button. Repeat until winning"

  8. Jaffaborn says:

    Want to know what's destroying modern games…. Ubisoft…… to many disapointments and no dedicated servers! (For honor)

  9. Julia Shenandoah says:

    Hm I love lot`s of remasters and reboots and remakes, and still waiting for Resident Evil 2 remaster. I like the gameplay and the setting of several older games, but can`t stand the old outdated graphics, so a remaster is perfect. 🙂

  10. Random Preston says:

    "Peasants" you were going to say Peasants LOL PC is the master race but being a hybrid is so much better 🙂

  11. TrevTheMan00 says:

    ok the first part about black ops 3 its not pay to win since you can get it by playing the game its called pay to not grind

  12. shahid munawar says:

    i feel like quick time events are there to try to make the videos that play out better than they really are, you know how to solve not having quick time events, MAKE YOUR CUT SCENES BETTER! lol

  13. jaliho says:

    thats why i like titanfall 2. nice balance, only free dlc and only cosmetics for real money, everything else is unlockable just by playing.

  14. Uwern1 says:

    Ugly, boring indie games which want to be so freaking smart, but it made by a cringy tumblr teenager so the game itself became an ugly sidescroller with a sad little fuck as a protagonist. Don't get me wrong, Limbo was awesome, the 1300th Limbo clone wasn't.

  15. Caleb Hawk says:

    This list is just not good in my opinion. You're defining "modern games" way too narrowly. All of these things have multiple times that they could be used amazingly. They might be used a little too much, but none of them are inherently bad, or "ruining" games. It's really the use and application that's makes them bad, and only in certain situations or genres.
    For example, fully regenerating health in something like Dark Souls would make no sense. But in something like Call of Duty, it makes complete sense. It's supposed to be a fast paced action game, and using health packs would force people spend more time sitting or looking for a health pack than shooting. It would just get more annoying and tedious.

  16. George Riffe says:

    the sad thing is the games that need a remake dot get remade give me my god damn republic commando remastered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Wire2904 says:

    Bowing to feminists

  18. Deathlord says:

    haven't bought a single AAA game from EA and ubisoft since 2012, didn't really do much other then give me time to play other and in my opinion better games though.

  19. TheFunnyManHQ says:

    Downgrading. Developers spice up these short gameplay demos that they know they cant maintain that kind of performance for an entire game, but they present it as such.
    It's literally false advertising and illegal, but they get away with it year after year.

  20. Zzarcon1 says:

    Welcome to the future….

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