10 Business Street Smarts

Have you ever had these x-rays shown to you with an explanation? No wonder two thirds of corporations don’t pay taxes. We have also heard what it takes to be successful like these people. If the territory is sold, look for another opportunity.

The truth is that many operating businesses do not have properly drafted and defined invoices given to their customers/clients. I have seen it too many times that often very important information is simply missing from the invoice. This causes confusion with clients, but more importantly, it creates great problems when the business debt needs to be collected. With an invoice like this, you can be certain of one thing; it will affect your business and hurt your cash flow.

When a customer meets with an that agent is China Life. Regardless of what China Life has said in its advertisements, you are China Life. If my experience with you is positive, then I attach a positive image to the China Life brand. If the experience is negative, then the brand image is negative. So what can we do to develop a positive brand image or reputation?

I always wonder, did this affect me in some way me subconsciously. When I hear the album again, and go back and revisit that album, I always wonder about that.

What you want to do now is begin setting up your team. This is not something you want to skimp on. These are the professionals you are going to have to employ to get things going, experts whose opinions you will want to use. Your team will be able to see things that you cannot, because of its areas of expertise and because of its familiarity with the city. Your team members will be people in the industry and who have contact with the industry–such as lawyers, accountants and brokers.

Total amount payable (This is the last amount being shown on the invoice and is the actual amount that needs to be noted. It is for this reason that it is usually printed on the bottom and it is in larger block font).

If your request is refused could you not ask to be excused half way through or get permission to attend half way through? Again, you’d have a genuine reason to show how you can do more to help your boss or client or department in the time when you won’t attend.

So, the next time you are asked about taking x-rays of your teeth, remember that they are intended to help you. It will be important to remember that you and your dentist are partners in deciding your dental future. After all, what else can impact your life as much regarding your enjoyment of meals, your conversations, your smile and, don’t forget, your kiss!

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