10 Short Hairstyles That Will Stun You

10 Short Hairstyles That Will Stun You

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A slick short hairstyle can say a million different things — it can display confidence and sexiness, chicness and smarts, and it can be laidback and playful, depending on the cut and wearer. No matter what it is you’re going for, a short hairstyle can be seriously stunning if it’s done right. We turned to some expert stylists for tips on how you can pick the best shear style for your desired look, along with a little celeb inspiration to match. Here are some short haircuts that stun…

Shag | 0:25
Choppy lob | 1:12
Shoulder length and sleek | 1:51
A textured bob | 2:13
Blunt bob | 2:29
Asymmetrical bob | 2:49
Pixie | 3:13
Bangs | 3:38
Pompadour | 4:02
Bowl cut | 4:28

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20 Responses

  1. StarlingofAzerath says:

    funny how the intro shows women with pixie cuts and then lists more medium bob variations…this is not short. Also pixie are NOT just for oval faces. You just need to find the length and cut that fits your face.

  2. Kat Hurdman says:

    just love how y'all are talking about short hair for us older women, but show the cuts on young actresses. smh.

  3. Donna Perry says:

    as the title suggests, I am NOT stunned….these hollywood folk have professionals cutting and styling their hair unlike us regular folk who gotta do it our damn selves…..

  4. Cindy Santoro says:

    I have to cut off my hair first time shoulder length in 30 + years!

  5. MsPomeranianlover says:

    A pompadour is way easier to grow out than a pixie, trust me.

  6. Patsy Huff says:

    what an irritatingvoice

  7. Uglyfaceof grace says:

    I feel sorry for my hair

  8. Amy Tupper says:

    Rock the pixie!

  9. Olga Cat says:

    yeeeahh. anything for curly hair? nah. as expected.

  10. 21 Gun Salute says:

    halle berry? shes fucking wearing a wig over that afro. be real

  11. Francie kruger says:

    Thought you said 'short' hairstyles ?

  12. reva trent says:

    aloe vera gel helps hair grow put it in while hairs dry massage into scalp wash after 15 min i do once week

  13. GAYATRI NAYAL says:

    I absolutely love the channel!! All the videos r different nd well researched❤

  14. Saarah N says:

    All this time I thought short hair means less effort. Gosh, I wish!

  15. Zozodo Lewin says:

    shame on you wath is this

  16. Sara Albrecht says:

    hesitate northwest reduce changing what according stomach outside.

  17. Green Eyes says:

    I messed up lol. My hair was so damaged from coloring that it literally wouldn't grow! So, I to a number seven gaurd and shaved most of the back of my hair until I realized that it was shorter than I thought it would go. Now I look like Edward scissor hands got to me haha. I'm going in today and going to try for a pixie cut I guess. I'm just really wanting to start over with my hair and get it back to being healthy and natural. All of these ccuts are cute!!! I love them!

  18. willy350z says:

    Fabulous share, and thanks 4 sharing…Will

  19. Fati Zara says:

    0:15 whats the name of the film please ?

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