#12: David Johnson (RB, Cardinals) | Top 100 Players of 2017 | NFL

Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson comes in at #12 on the list of Top 100 Players of 2017 as voted on by his peers.

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20 Responses

  1. Reyes Beltran says:

    about time the cards got a franchise RB

  2. Preston Johnson says:

    THE MOST COMPLETE BACK IN THE LEAGUE… I strongly agree 2:44.

  3. Thatrandom Gamer says:

    We're my boy Jordan Howard how is he not in top 100???

  4. Jake Smith says:

    This entire list is such ass. Johnson or Ryan should have been #1

  5. Noah Roberts says:

    This list is dumb. How come Blount is in the sixties and he lead the lead in touchdowns. And miller is 2 and he can't get his team to the play offs. Come on NFL.

  6. Darius Roston says:

    personally im a Steelers fan, but David deserves to be higher

  7. Ricardo Cisneros says:

    This guy should be in the top ten list no question.

  8. Dylan Hawke9 says:

    David Johnson was a legit MVP candidate and They just stated he led the league in yards from scrimmage for 15 games and he's #12 NFL Show some respect to that man

  9. Trav! says:

    Disrespectful. Too damn low. Man is a weapon.

  10. Caleb Martin says:

    They put Zeke in the top ten over DJ?? That's disrespectful smh

  11. thaGOAT says:

    Best most complete running back in the league hands down.

  12. Seth Mutenda says:

    I love DJ and I think he an Bell are both better than Elliott but c'mon this hate for zeke has to stop. If Jordan Howard and zeke switched places y'all would hate on Jordan Howard too. Zeke has only been in the NFL for a year and he's already got it figured out. But all respect to DJ tho

  13. Isaiah Prout says:

    David Johnson=Leveon Bell > Ezekiel Elliot

  14. G18's Father says:

    David should clearly be ranked higher. At least top 8

  15. Godine Adrián says:

    It's not called underrated any more.. it's called David Johnson

  16. Joh Mine says:

    This list got this placement wrong, zeke should be here, bell should be 7 and Johnson 9

  17. J Rod13 says:

    Ball hog! All he does is gets the ball. That's why he has so many purpose yards

  18. The Crook says:

    Are you freaking kidding me!! David Johnson is the best RB in the NFL and is way better than zeke! And this is coming from a Seahawks fan

  19. PheezyP says:

    Just look at the way he runs, man. He's got the greatest fundamentals I've ever seen. When he cuts sharp corners after a catch, look how he places his hand down to regain balance and turn upfield. How he makes himself really skinny to fit into really tight gaps. He will be the #1 back in history by the time he's done tbh

  20. #Tyrann#32#PatPete#21 #NoFlyZoneAllDay says:

    Smh he should be top 10 not Zeke garbage ass

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