15 Easy SHORT Curly Hairstyles


Credit to TheEditingBabe for her transitions
Heys guys! Its Hallel! Here are 15 Easy SHORT Curly Hairstyles for you guys. I hope you like it.
I used bobby pins, hair ties, olive oil moisturizing hair lotion, and a 3 days straight product.
If you have any questions ask down below.
Music by Valesco-Cloud 9
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20 Responses

  1. Aissa Alvarado says:

    finally a video i can actually use for my hair and feel amazed with!!!!

  2. Jill young says:

    ur hella cute and these hairstyles are life savers

  3. Iyanla Gonzalez says:

    I just cut more than a foot of my hair off and I've been trying to figure out what I can do with it since my curl pattern has become a bit looser without all the weight. Thankfully your video has given me some styles that I can try out. With my long hair I could never "pineapple" it though unless it was in a clip but it didn't really look like a pineapple.

  4. Aloha_ Crystelle says:

    You kind of look like my older sisters because we have the same hair type and skin color

  5. Yozaira Soriano says:

    OMG thank you so much. A while ago I cut my hair to go natural and I have been stuck with it. Its at that stage where its long in some parts and still short on other parts and I can never find some cute hairstyles to do but these are so good. 🙂

  6. Maddie G. says:

    Omg your so adorable and love your hair??

  7. SoCal Calie says:


  8. SoCal Calie says:


  9. SoCal Calie says:

    so helpful thank you I  just cut my hair so THANK YOU

  10. Daksha Giri says:

    1000th like ???

  11. raindrop says:

    my hair is even shorter what can I Do ?

  12. smolbean jøe says:


  13. Casey m says:

    I can't find any other short curly hair videos either! like what on earth!  but thank you so much for these…i'm donating my hair sometime soon, and wanted to be mentally prepared for having short hair ahah. thanks!

  14. Linking Lettering says:

    Hey there. I have obviously gone thru a lot of curly hair tutorials and after the hair is dry, when they comb, it gets back to the same hair texture that is curly. As for me, wheni comb after hair is dry , it loses the curliness, not much but yeah it does…. any cheap diy solution?

  15. Asteroïde says:

    I freaking love it! can you talk about how did you cut your hair or show how it was before ? I'd like to cut my hair this short but as they're curly I'm a little bit afraid

  16. Viki Gs says:

    omg thank you so very much.

  17. Rodas Bisrat says:

    are you ethiopian? O.o

  18. Laila Korayem says:

    We have the same curls first time to find a person on YouTube with the same curls

  19. t says:

    my hair is too short for this ???

  20. Jasmin Moussignac says:

    I love ur hair and hairstyles keep up with the good work

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