20 meters over Nestos river … HDR


    20 meters over Nestos river … HDR
    model casting
    Image by Emil9497 Photography & Art
    Nikon D90, even though once undoubtedly a world class technological pioneer, cannot be included anymore among DSLRS technology front line … Just by casting a glance at contemporary DSLRs features one may easily get overwhelmed by the striking differences …

    Many a time I considered exchanging it with a newer, more advanced model … Yet with every photo I take using it, I postpone our technological "divorce" … It’s that Nikon D90 is so unbelievably good at what it has been designed to do, such an amazing, trustworthy, resilient, productive piece of photo equipment hardware …

    I devote the above seen capture, taken at Paranesti village of Drama’s prefecture, North Greece to all Nikon D90 owners and technological lovers … The bridge lies over Nestos river, whose flow can barely be seen at the right lower corner of the synthesis …

    NIKON D90 DSLR with Nikon Nikkor 18 – 55 lens, Manual Mode, shutter speed 1 s, ISO 125, f 13, focal length 22mm, use of HOYA ND X 2 filter on top of which a HOYA ND X 8 filter was used, manually adjusted to 5.800 Kelvin white balance, center weighted average metering mode, HDR made by only one original RAW shot, flash went off, use of tripod …

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