2017 NBA Awards – All Award Winners! (Acceptance & Speech)

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16 Responses

  1. TRMNZ // D.A. says:

    Joel embiid had better stats

  2. Jamil Pines-Elliott says:

    Embiid robbed

  3. Alberto Gonzalez says:

    Bill Russell was so damn funny.

  4. Greatest Ever says:

    Bill Russell is so funny! ???

  5. Greatest Ever says:

    Kemba and John Wall look like brothers

  6. Bo bo says:

    Niggys and they mamis Lil punks

  7. Tyler Villery says:

    Savage Bill Russell

  8. SuperIsHere says:

    Brogdon's speech was a pleasure to see even though I like Saric & Embiid

  9. Chuck Taylor says:

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  10. Tim Jimenez says:

    dramond got his defensive player of the year cause he fouls to much and who he fouls go to the line and miss boii kawhi shouldve had it

  11. Demetrius Johnson says:

    MVP!!!!!!!! RUSSEL WESTBROOK MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. mari bandz says:


  13. Lori Glory72 says:

    go Russell Westbrook

  14. poppa bear says:

    Kawhii got robbed

  15. XxSUPER24x X says:


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