has Retro Games Now but the Prices Kinda Suck

AlphaOmegaSin talks about Gamestop launching retro games to be sold on their site. is now offering NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, Dreamcast and PS1 games as well as consoles. I compared the selling prices on Ebay to what Gamestop has their classic games listed for, needless to say a Gamestop rant was in order.

Gamestop Retro Classics

Background music from Grandia 2 on PS2

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20 Responses

  1. Newhoped says:

    I find Gamestop prices pretty reasonable, the problem is the condition is extremely random.

  2. Paul Lee says:

    at this point by 2016 -10/09 gamestop price on retro game is appreciated. lol people selling pokemon crystal cart only for $50 while gamestop sell it for $40

  3. NorthwestMexTV says:

    Fuck game stop

  4. PhinIsGray says:

    $80 for a Nintendo 64.

    I was able to purchase one bundled w/ Jet Force Gemini for $40 at a flea market.

  5. Raul Dorian says:

    For retro gaming just go to ebay, I know veru good sellers fuck gamestop!


    nintendo fans acting like my little pony 🐎 fans in the google you can see more nasty stuff by gays by those sick losers can't play real games like hallo and killzone

  7. ABOhiccups says:

    Do you have Battletoads?

  8. Deerv / M-Jeyy says:

    I mean.. those mario party 1 and 2 were pretty cheap.. lol atleast here in Europe.

  9. John Smith says:

    The buy and sell mom and pop shops do the same shit.

  10. All-in-one Gamer HD says:

    Too bad I never played or grew up with retro games.

  11. bravosix64 says:

    He's right but this guy should know GS is a business and you shouldn't be surprise they would do this. Does he really think GS cares about the consumer ?? What a scrub

  12. Margaret F says:

    This is why emulation is so prevalent, I mean come on this shit is ridiculous. Retro gaming has become an elitist hipster playground, pushing up the prices. I miss the 90's this shit sucks.

  13. Alec Salloum says:

    they only take in mint games and the 1 ps1 game i baught came with the original case

  14. 501st Trooper#2 says:

    Does anyone know the name of the introduction song in this video?

  15. Juan Jacobo Guzman says:

    BOmberman 64: The Second Attack for $200!
    But Perfect Dark for $6?
    Holy shit! Those are ridiculous prices, Gamestop, please, stay away Mexico. Gamers here will gonna kill you

  16. gameremporium says:

    you suck alpha….seriously GS is a business and there riding the retro gaming biz flavor of the month atm. Businesses operate to make money and thus retro is another cash grab for them. (remember when EB games sold imports?) GS is another avenue to buy retro games.

  17. Mikey Unovapix says:

    it would be so much more logical to sell them for cheaper. you don't get as much per sale but you will have more sales and those sales add up

  18. phlaelym says:

    You know the higher-ups at Gstop (I call it Gspot) are kicking themselves in the arse right now. I used to go in there (when they were called Funcoland) and buy like 15 NES games for $20.00 when they were phasing out cart sales. They were practically giving away NES games that are worth sooo much now. I once bought Mega Man 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 at a Gstop (all at once) for approximately $65.00. I haven't checked, but I bet each of those are around $50.00 on their website.

  19. JonJon2627 says:

    Downloading Them Play Them On Emulators

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