“Beauty And The Beast” Wins Original Song: 1992 Oscars

Alan Menken and Howard Ashman (accepted by Bill Lauch) win the Oscar for Music (Original Song) for “Beauty And The Beast” from Beauty and the Beast at the 64th Academy Awards. Liza Minnelli and Shirley MacLaine present the award; hosted by Billy Crystal. Watch more of the 1992 Oscars: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJ8RjvesnvDMkpObcS6BPtPLMjkWhvAKs

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20 Responses

  1. MajSmJz says:

    Thanks for showing us Douglas at the end.

  2. NiGHTSaturn says:

    All the nominated songs from that year were such a big part of my childhood…

  3. Brightstar Lavandula says:

    This moment will come again for the next Oscar (2018) for Alan Menken. In this category, Beauty And The Beast will nominate for 3 songs; How Does A Moment Last Forever, Evermore, and Days In The Sun. Good Luck…

  4. ViolaXZ says:

    Bryan Adams was the real winner that year. At least I think so. His song is a real masterpiece

  5. Brian Eduardo says:

    Nice to see Barbra… gosh what a change in Liza… in a relatively short time… she looks terrific…

  6. NoMud NoLotus says:

    I am in tears right now
    RIP Howard Ashman

  7. MrGabeanator says:

    I see a deja vu moment next year

  8. vanillapop21 says:

    Everyone who's freaking out about LeFou being portrayed as gay in the new live-action Beauty and the Beast, and acting like they're appalled that Disney would ever have anything to do with gayness, should really see this video. I would love to see the reactions on their ignorant faces when they learn that many of the Disney songs they've loved over the years were written by a gay man.

  9. Secret Agent Michael Lee says:

    RIP Howard Ashman! You were what made the 90's disney the greatest! We miss you! ;(

  10. Sky Lee says:

    Clicked here because of Beauty and the Beast 2017

  11. EdwardERS says:

    If B&TB would've lost it would've been from splitting the vote.

  12. blurdreamer says:

    big question: why the performer of the song not getting the awards as well?

  13. Samuel Barron says:


  14. avocadoe says:

    Did Demi say "I'm gonna cry"

  15. Shelley Detlefsen says:

    I will never forget Howard Ashman. People still don't comprehend all that he gave us and all that we lost.

  16. Denise F says:

    bless you Howard for this wonderful song

  17. MisterBinx says:

    I watched the making of BATB on the blu-ray version and it reveals a lot. I was too young but up until then I never knew the guy that made this amazing music was dying of AIDs. It was a sad he didn't survive to see the success of this movie. But I think he knew from the early screening that had people standing up and cheering in the theater.

  18. Michael P says:

    Two Amazing Talents!!!

  19. AngeFemininMasculin2 says:

    Take that, "Let It Go" !! ^^
    "Beauty and the Beast" fan forever !

  20. justin fleming says:

    here are a list of songs that were not nominated for an oscar at the 64th academy awards in 1992 honoring the best movies in 1991:

    i'm Dreamin' from 'New Jack City'

    'Tears in Heaven' from 'Rush'

    'These Three Words' from 'Jungle Fever'

    'Where Did My Heart Go' from 'City Slickers'

    "You Could Be Mine" from 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day'

    "Addams Groove" from 'The Addams Family'

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