Hunting Season

Hunting Season

A sign for duck season forces Daffy Duck to talk to Elmer Fudd as a rabbit. Bugs Bunny shows up dressed as a duck and notifies Elmer it’s now rabbit seasn

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20 Responses

  1. Kenni Raine says:

    How does Elmer plan on actually killing them? I mean, shooting him point blank directly in the head did pretty much nothing, lol.

  2. Denzel Smith says:

    that look on his face when elmer shoots him is like seriously lol

  3. Rebecca Salazar says:

    eap. what's up doc?

  4. Daniel Huff says:

    I always laugh at this part

  5. Bammer2001 says:

    You're despicable.

  6. Scarlett Wolf says:

    Ooooooo you guys going afeter me and my mom now.? weeeuuuu

  7. Charlie Demers says:

    Tell me the name of the episode

  8. German Sheperd xXDogXx says:

    Daffy duck: your dispickable! lol😂

  9. Mason Facts and gaming says:

    Emily wright: that was funny but the weird part how did bugs bunny change the sign? One minute the sign said Duck season but now it's rabbit season

  10. Shubham Choudhary says:

    which gun does he uses

  11. Jonathan Urbano says:

    i must find this whole episode!! somebody if you have it please upload it!

  12. Inx5 says:

    Imagine that scene if it was made by 4Kids, lmao

  13. Hannah Smith says:

    I love this scene.

  14. Hannah Smith says:

    The cartoon is called Rabbit Fire!

  15. Joel Barron says:

    This is what bug and daffy said in the scene

    Bugs:duck season
    Daffy:rabbit season

    By then:

    Bugs: rabbit season
    Daffy:duck season, FIRE!!

  16. Joel Barron says:

    What episode is this scene?

  17. still_guns says:

    The truth is… I fucking hated Bugs

  18. Tevin Cozart says:

    You're despicable.

  19. Trevor Phillips GTA V says:

    Mel Blanc as Bugs Bunny pretending to be Daffy Duck, Daffy Duck pretending to be Bugs Bunny. He was a lengendary genius Mel. Also Daffy's most famous line came up in Rabbit Fire. "You're dethpicable."

  20. Anas Hady says:

    If the cartoons nowadays had even 5% of the humour of daffy and bugs then I would be happy.

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