Thank you, Coach Kenny Atkinson

Special Thanks:
Cherrie YU、Chen-ping Tsai whom we worked out with for making this video.
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14 Responses

  1. Darrien Williams says:

    Hey, it's an honor. Coach Atkinson

  2. Sy Dclu says:

    Thanks for the great video. Thanks to Coach Atkins for his passion to his players and the game.



  4. la tortoisaurus says:

    kenny is a good coach. I wish him great success in his career.

  5. Yoko says:

    Great video! ❤️

  6. DieNetaDie says:

    from 20 wins to playoffs, our team can do it,

  7. Chanyat3 says:


  8. RO BERTO says:

    Nice video uploaded.

  9. jow14281 says:

    this coach and Jeremy Lin will be the salvation project for 10 years of Brooklyn basketball

  10. Shiou-Hong-Gaming,Clash Royale,and more says:

    what's song?

  11. vinny1995 says:

    Trying year for the Nets, but out of the depths of despair will come greatness. The phoenix will rise out of the ashes.

  12. Iven Zheng says:

    Love this video love Kenny Atkinson

  13. hk8000 says:

    Great video! You did it again! Thank you, Christine and your partners! Also big thanks to Coach Atkinson for empowering and trusting Lin!

  14. jimmy89858307 says:

    Thank you, Coach Atkinson!

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