7 Fun and Inexpensive Bachelorette Party Ideas

7 Fun and Inexpensive Bachelorette Party Ideas

The main goal of any bachelorette party is to have a good time while celebrating the bride-to-be. Instead of breaking the bank, we have frugal ideas that definitely aren’t basic. Create a memorable event by selecting a creative theme and planning for your bride – not everyone else. The future Mrs. will appreciate all your hard work, and you’ll be able to relax with your girls too.

Bachelorette parties are meant to be remembered for years to come, which is why we partnered with Hilton for these fun and frugal ideas.

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14 Responses

  1. April Felton says:

    I was looking for something more the along the lines of hangover

  2. Alicia Fenn says:

    I so want to do the paint and Sip and paint for my cousin's bachelorette party, I just contacted a studio to see if they will accommodate the party by increasing the time.

  3. rayvenskylar says:

    tell me how ANY of these are inexpensive lol

  4. Melih Kahraman says:

    I just puked

  5. Carla Joy says:


  6. Sofie Haukland says:

    this it the lamest thing i've ever seen

  7. jing jing zhou says:

    ate to say this but id rather get male strippers

  8. Taylor Elaine says:

    Yeah we aren't the type of people to do that. Lol. My friend is having her bachelorette party at a paintball park and we will all be dressed in cheap wedding dresses!! Haha I thought it was genius. It's going to be so fun! I love paintball!

  9. Jia'sWorld says:

    Sorry, but how is the inexpensive? Also if you live in areas like Flint, Michigan where basically none of the food ideas could take place…where are we supposed to find studios etc to do this ?

  10. Shawna Chung says:

    4th comment yeet

  11. Shawna Chung says:


  12. itzrumi says:

    Cool vid .
    Cool 3rd comment

  13. oliviand 12 says:

    Yay! Second comment!

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