AFI – What’s in My Bag?

AFI - What's in My Bag?

AFI members Adam Carson, Davey Havok and Hunter Burgan go shopping at Amoeba Music in Los Angeles. Their latest album “AFI [The Blood Album]” is available from Concord Music Group.

Check out their picks:
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – The Good Son (LP)
Bobby Hutcherson – Happenings (LP)
Suicide – Suicide (LP)
Blue Cheer – Vincebus Eruptum (LP)
William Onyeabor – LP Box Set 2 (LP)
The Sisters Of Mercy – First And Last And Always (LP)
White Fence – Live In San Francisco (LP)
Vinyl Styl – Groove Record carrying Case (Accessory)
The Sisters Of Mercy – Interview Picture Disc (LP)
Rod Stewart – Atlantic Crossing (LP)
Talking Heads – Speaking In Tongues (LP)

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20 Responses

  1. SXiPPY Dennison says:

    I love hearing about the influences/interests of bands I greatly adore. I actually bought that Rod Stewart album in Japan based on the cover, also their choices are very akin to my musical interests, so thank you so much for this.

  2. silvanus x says:

    They look hungry.

  3. Hayden Lee says:

    When they're like "What's in the bag?" and you're like, "Oh that's totally not a bomb."

  4. mrlborough ocho says:

    Yo afi are dope lol

  5. Niko G says:

    do one with glenn danzig plz


    ok… you're in L.A. you're wearing all black. nice move

  7. CaliPoppyRocks says:

    Thank you for another great episode of 'What's in My Bag'. Such an interesting and enjoyable show.

  8. Simon Ritchie says:

    Where was Jade?

  9. Chocolate Muffin says:

    The first "What's in my bag" video I liked (before this I only saw teenage girls do that, showing make up and shit)

  10. ColdMourning says:

    the sisters of mercy are probably one of the most overrated goth bands of all time. and i say that as a fan

  11. Jesse G says:

    Love the Sisters of Mercy album

  12. Vicktor K.Y. says:

    Aaron really knows about heavy metal origins: BLUE CHEER. Period, cheers, thanks

  13. jaybone23 says:

    Davey Havok wasn't hip to Blue Cheer? I find that odd. But I tend to make the mistake of assuming rock musicians should know EVERYTHING about the history of rock.

  14. karismatica55 says:

    Wow, everything the guys picked is awesome!!! Eeeeeh! I love Spandau Ballet! Tony Hadley looked so hot in that video 😀

  15. stepasidejesus says:

    what happened to this band? They suck now

  16. Bandito De La Flor says:

    Hey Steve Angel and the Playah Puget you're fat! Adam congrats on baby feets!

  17. fauxmosmexual says:

    the fact that davey havok is a spandau ballet fan rocks my world

  18. Goldberg says:

    happenings is such a great record!

  19. Perrin Faerch says:

    The music they make blows but they have great taste. Seem like really cool dudes as well.

  20. Scott S. Naylor says:

    The best part of this is being able to hear from EACH member and not just one. If only Jade was included! 🙂

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