Aldi Lacura Caviar Illumination Cream & Serum Review / Nishi V

Is the budget-friendly Lacura Caviar luxury skincare range worth the hype?
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The Lacura Caviar Illumination range is supposed to be a dupe for the La Prairie Skin Caviar Collection. Have you tried this range? I’d love to know how it compares!

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10 Responses

  1. Ramsey Hagar says:


  2. baba197877 says:

    I've seen the creams but never had the courage to buy them, will go and buy them after seeing your review. I've bought the lacura colour collecting sticks, impressed with them.

  3. Rahima Islam says:

    they have an eye roll on thing in at the moment. didn't get a good look at the range bit I'm going in tomorrow to stock up.

  4. Jill Tucker says:

    Hi.I bought the Night cream today after searching for it for ages…'s always sold out!.
    I quite like the 3 minute face mask as I like the squeaky feel 😁 and the Day cream is absolutely brilliant.
    Thanks for your lovely review,I will look you up again.Best wishes.

  5. jannis4608 says:

    If you can't afford La Prairie, use Nivea, ok? I would sue the shit out of Aldi for copying La Prairie. What a disgrace. Everyone buying this Aldi shit is cheap and has no class whatsoever. Smh

  6. wend riddell says:

    tried the soy style creams for older skin as I'm in ma forties but defo gonna try this range if I can find it Only thing I would say that I tried the eye gel in the wee red pot and it made my eyes sting like hell Think it's the same country wide trying to find this range in Aldi

  7. Loren McCarthy says:

    Omg I shop in Aldi and I've never seen this. The cream sounds amazing! 💞💞💞

  8. DebsLuvsMusic says:

    I was in my local Aldi tonight and they had the night cream in stock. Hope you manage to get it soon!

  9. LisaG XoX says:

    Wow we have an Aldi about 20 mins away from us, so I am definitely going to call in next time we are near there and have a look for these, they look fab!
    Great video as always hun, loved it!!

  10. Raras Boudoir says:

    I'm sold lol need to hunt down my nearest Aldi. 😂😂 xx

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