Amoeba Music Hollywood – Store Tour

In November 2001 Amoeba Music opened its biggest store yet, on Sunset Boulevard in downtown Hollywood. Occupying an entire city block, this store houses the biggest, broadest, most diverse collection of music and movies ever seen on under one roof. Altogether, our 2 shopping floors and our Jazz room boast millions of titles on CD, DVD and vinyl, new and used, and our stock changes as fast as our customers bring in their old collections.

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18 Responses

  1. andi iuga says:

    fabulous store

  2. rockboundman says:

    This is heaven.

  3. John Stoe says:

    oh my god this is amazing I want to go here so badly. I have such strong admiration towards music I mainly focus on hardcore punk but I listen to everything I feel like if I go here I would find anything and everything music under the sun. also I would absolutely love to play here one day I compose music and it really is my dream to expose people to my music that haven't heard of it yet. this store is my version of heaven!

  4. RAMLIA1 says:

    I love this store !!

  5. VaporTrails2112 says:

    Love this store. Yesterday I went there and walked out with a Rush poster, an Iron Maiden cd, a Megadeth cd, a Mastadon cd, and a Rush button. This place is the best record store you'll come by.

  6. Darren Katomski says:

    The perfect job.

  7. Arthur Aguirre Jr. says:

    Where is that iPod located in the store?!

  8. pluckernil says:

    @1:33 Please tell me that it was Hallowe'en when you filmed this.

  9. Sage Patrus says:

    This place looks like paradise for vinyl enthusiasts like me! Can't wait to go here for the first time on Record Store Day!

  10. Anthony Martinez says:

    does the guy with the skeleton makeup actually go to work looking like that?

  11. Josal says:

    I was there about three years ago. Initially just to buy 2 albums, but end up purchasing about 15 albums.. I truly enjoy the experience. Long live record stores .

  12. MrRfhansen says:

    What's the song in the beginning?

  13. ChargerBullet says:

    Is this another one of those high-priced record stores? Like the ones that charge over $20 for a repress of a record that just came out?

  14. KazPranks says:

    i want to go back so bad 🙁

  15. TomatoOtters says:

    fire cody m

  16. Christian Gatica says:

    What's the song?

  17. epigramss says:

    My home away from home 🙂

  18. unicornpower says:

    I am into DVDs.

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