Attack on Titan Season 2 ” The Armored Titan” – CH 43-46 Complete Story

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20 Responses

  1. Mikieplays says:

    I thought only zeke and seen can call titans

  2. Dozie Emenike says:

    Seeing this animated was worth the wait

  3. ThomeTeque says:

    Why is AoT so German?

  4. LSThebest LFS says:

    That titan got some serious Jiu Jitsu skills

  5. paul rickmon says:

    subscribed cause of your narrating and since im a fan of the titan shifters

  6. Kenny GA says:

    welp, i just finished watching episode 8 of the anime :V

  7. Vitolio Foliaki says:

    Zeek yeager is the ape titan

  8. Titan and Ghoul says:

    I was reading it but was too lazy so i decided to watch this vid instead

  9. Bowser Junior says:

    Until he RIPS HIS ARM OFF!

  10. Crazy Hacker187 says:

    Ohh now i know

  11. Light Revaan says:

    the collosal titan was an even bigger disappointment in manga next to the royal guard in bleach

  12. FlyingNimbus says:

    Fuck these transformers, I mean why would you attack humans

  13. Arty Foster says:


  14. TheDragonGamer67 says:

    its ryner u dumb

  15. Carlos Justynne Carag says:

    Well now i know what the next episode will be rip..,

  16. Itz Diabolic says:

    saitama could destroy the armoured titan easily. no challenge for him

  17. millan wood says:

    Ahhh the real enemy is the devil the girl who made the deal just wanted wealth little did she know the devil had plans to turn them into man eating Titans I wonder if it's souls the devil/hades wants and that's why he did the deal in the first place so maybe God/Zuse will appear to destroy that deal the girl did aka religion 😉

  18. Forsaken Predator says:

    why do u yelll when u narrarate. seriously please stop

  19. Noobstar says:

    just watched ep7 of AOT season 2 :3 it's exactly the same 😀
    about 5 pages was basically all of ep 7

  20. VioletImpact says:

    Could the soldier, who was taken by bertholt along with ymir, possess the power of 1 more titan we have yet to see?

    Spoiler below:

    Remember, there are 8 revealed in the series thus far with Eren possessing 2.

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