Birds of Tokyo – Broken Bones (Official video)

Birds of Tokyo’s album UNIVERSES feat. BROKEN BONES out now. Film clip shot as the prequel to SILHOUETTIC. Shot on location in Lancaster CA. Director: Matt Weston, Syndicate Films. Sign up to get all the latest band & tour info Subscribe to Birds of Tokyo’s channel for the latest videos:

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20 Responses

  1. BogusChip says:

    Once you notice every the breath, you can't unnotice it!
    You can thank me later 😉

  2. Desiree Thomas says:

    The intro, though

  3. Christopher grr says:


  4. apoxapex says:

    Dude I'm going down a massive nostalgia mission,
    I remember listening to these albums before they went really big.. What was it.. Lanterns?
    Yeah I'm confused as to why I haven't heard their name in years? Anyone wanna fill me in?

  5. Brett Vicary-Lovegrove says:

    stiil the best song from birds of Tokyo

  6. BiZKiT says:

    I just find out about you guys, love your music. Greetings from Mexico

  7. How Kinky says:

    Growing up to songs like these, i have taken a massive dislike to modern pop. Its a shame no one makes songs like these anymore.

  8. Mckenzie Troutman says:

    Love thim

  9. ReubenGamerz says:


  10. Epril SiDragøn says:

    First song i heard by them and have been hooked ever since

  11. Silverti says:

    that Jack Skellington tshirt though <3

  12. Brett Vicary-Lovegrove says:

    when did they lose direction .after Broken bone's , it was the end for them.plane's was okay but not up the standared of Broken bones

  13. LEBOOF says:

    Epic song ! Thanks Guys !

  14. EveningCrow says:

    This was shot in Lancaster!? Never would've expected that.

  15. Richard Levick says:

    how is broken bones and silhouettic related?

  16. ASassyVulture says:

    is that the same cafe from The Death of You and Me???

  17. blacknganga says:

    Complete hipster-victims..

  18. lachlan cole says:

    19,000 views and 18 comments….seriously? And this is a band that has a video with over a million views.

  19. alphaom3ga77 says:

    Ian Kenny, why are you so damned fine! 🙂

  20. shredheadblue says:

    How does this song not have more views? I still remember this so good

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