Birds of Tokyo – Plans (Official video)

Birds of Tokyo’s self-titled album feat. PLANS out now. Video directed by Sean Gilligan. For all the latest news, tour dates & join mailing list info visit – Subscribe now to the band’s channel here:

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19 Responses

  1. Kik Polp says:

    me af wtf this black magic

  2. Kik Polp says:

    when u read someone but u cant enjoy his unique light or dance to their rythm because he hides the part of him that u like. thank u this is so Pfff and I love Pfff things

  3. Minks Rule says:


  4. Jaydan Davis says:

    jai waetford from x factor 2013 brought me here

  5. Cellar Door says:

    I've always liked this song. Cheers from NZ.

  6. jp bart says:

    you know fish don't feel right. 😛

  7. Grant May says:

    Great Song & Video

  8. Churvin says:

    Big day out 2010

  9. ryan coventry says:

    a 2011 home and away promo got me here

  10. Freya Ball says:

    very cool and good

  11. Jayson Mcglade says:

    cool songe

  12. Alexander Pietsch says:

    Loving the rhythm played at 1.5x speed

  13. Grandpa Erica says:

    the janoskians brought me here!! I'm glad

  14. BronnsAlive says:

    One of the better bands that produce far better songs then any other nowadays

  15. Dave Burgess says:

    epic musical fucking hectic shit epic fucking song

  16. BruhIts Em says:


  17. Jonh BaSol says:

    "We made plans to kiss the sun at night
    Hopeless dreamers, hopeless times
    Shedding skin you show your beauty scars
    Don't forget me or who you are

    You know this don't feel right
    Who knows what we feel?

    I just met you I can read your thoughts
    What they tell me is what I want
    I'll keep you guessing keep you wanting more
    'Cos where we're going no one knows

    You know this don't feel right
    Who knows this could feel right

    I just met you, I swear I read your thoughts
    So don't forget me or what you want

    Light up the stage, make your move, give me something
    So I can dance in your light and to your rhythm

    Soon it unfolds who we are in this masquerade of stars
    Tear off the mask, the face you hide is what I'm missing

    We made plans to kiss the sun at night
    Hopeless dreamers, hopeless types
    One was turning, one was standing still
    I won't forget what was promised here

    You know this don't feel right
    Who knows what we feel?"

  18. Benjamin Tresham says:

    W.A , was born there in 1976. Carnarvon. Home always to me. In NSW now. One day be back there, I can only hope. The life in the west back then was free and understanding. You lived off the Land. No 4×4's just an old ford falcon XR wagon and miles of dirt roads. Princess HWY was the only road sealed back then. 2 wheels are easier to get out of a bog than 4. Remember that ok. You will never need all the SHIT they carry with them today. Harley Davidson's bikes became for everyone with one simple thing, THE ELECTRIC STARTER MOTOR. Just remember you need a back up when the starter motor shit's it's self that's 'all folks.

  19. paul John says:

    Blown away… these guys are creating some of the of the best music in the world right now

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