Bohren & Der Club Of Gore – Sunset Mission (Full album) HD

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore - Sunset Mission (Full album) HD

1 – Powler
2 – On Demon Wings 0:05:03
3 – Midnight Walker 0:12:05
4 – Street Tattoo 0:19:23
5 – Painless Steel 0:29:15
6 – Darkstalker 0:35:01
7 – Nightwolf 0:40:45
8 – Black City Skyline 0:57:17
9 – Dead End Angels 1:03:07
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20 Responses

  1. Alexander Young says:

    "she was tall, dark, handsome. Hung like a wildebeest, but I loved her anyway"

  2. Leandro Moliner says:

    SE AGRADECE MUCHO LA LLUVIA FINAL. Te quedas en silencio, en paz contigo mismo. Como si lo hubieses dado todo y te hubieses quedado vacío. Es un jazz que superficialmente puede parecer aburrido, pero es realmente intenso. Si escuchas el disco entero, de una tirada, eres consciente de toda esa intensidad, tensión, que va a parar hacia un océano infinito que es esa lluvia final, que no es otra cosa que el final, la muerte, el silencio.

  3. mph seti says:

    I love this album; and I DARE ANYONE TO NOT HATE IT

    Sorry. It is unfair, I'm sorry…

  4. Bob Saget says:

    Smoking some weed, relaxing.

  5. Felipe Pinzón says:

    I love it! Feels like a coldness in the streets, walking alone… With the emotions in fire…

  6. XsNiPeRPi3z says:

    I'd just dumped the prostitute I brutally dismembered in the hotel bathroom.
    Sitting down on the bed, I poured myself some whisky and gathered my thoughts.
    "Shit," I said to myself, quietly.
    I sipped some of my drink. No one knew what I did, but I had no idea how to get rid of the armless corpse. I lit myself a cigar while I pondered, taking in the lights of the inner city's buildings. So serene; so calm… Those feelings totally contrasted how I felt then, not ten minutes after hacking – what was her name again? – Fanny! Not ten minutes after hacking Fanny's arms off for mocking my masculinity. I was justified: this is the 1940s! No woman should be able to backtalk a man like she did.

  7. unseenrecordings says:

    nothing else compares really

  8. ElHajjMalikElShabbaz says:


  9. 1Worluck says:

    Dames are usually hard to come by, especially my ex walking through my office door.
    Now that was a girl to remember. Which unnerves me since I killed her last year.

  10. agenteagresivo says:

    To me, art is creating a mood. These guys know….

  11. Peter Watkins says:

    First time ever hearing this. Beautiful cool. I mistakenly just had this playing in one tab, and the same playing on another tab much later in the album, and somehow it works:)

  12. FALCOY says:

    I'm sure you could get the same effect by taking the MJQ or some other 60's jazz and slowing the recordings way down….

  13. Made Chandra Ardy says:

    who else commited suicide while listening to this musix?

  14. citizenoftheall says:

    It's also awesome on 2x the speed.

  15. Sampledsoul says:

    powler, street tattoo

  16. Danthehorse says:

    More blade Runner like for me, cool.

  17. TeH_AJ says:

    Chino brought me here 10 years ago…

  18. Ellie D says:

    This was a delight to listen to on the bus to town in the evening rain 🙂

  19. Andrew Harnsberger says:

    Almost 90% of these comments are people who will never pursue a career in literature whom​ spew out pseudo noir shorts. It is as enjoyable as reading a dictionary.

  20. Whyte Groovin says:

    very melancholic , smooth jazz !!!

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