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20 Responses

  1. Lala Berry says:

    Did anyone else notice Firelight sounds a little similar to The Phantom of the Opera. Nope ,just me okay. I love The Phantom of the Opera too much.

  2. kandklove1 says:

    in loving to all the boys I loved before by Jenny Han I own the first two books went to a book fair yesterday got some books it was Awsome lol I have the book curio to and truth witch and some others

  3. Heather Bennett says:

    Your hair is perfecttttttt!!!

  4. Raven Angel Rayne says:

    some of my favourite Roman books are called dark legend , dark fire and there based around vampires needing to find there soul mate or they will became soulless these books are from Christine freehan

  5. R. T. says:

    squees internally I JUST finished that book! I love Warnick. The romance was just so tender. flails like kawaii squid

  6. Dez Savage says:

    love the hair colour

  7. Jacully Hunter says:

    I am really getting into the saga graphic novel series right now and its really good. I wish I would have gave graphic novels a chance a long time ago.

  8. Sassyrach says:

    Im obsessed with Girl Online (one of Zoella's books) and I can't wait to get the others!

  9. Lisaswestcoastreads says:

    loving the red hair so Scottish I should know I live here on the west coast x Can't wait for new episodes of Outlander Jamie is so HOT!!!!!!!

  10. Faith Rotich says:

    What is your natural hair color?

  11. Silvia G says:

    Girl have you read Wintersong? It's soo good. It's a dark, fantasy romance novel and I just finished it and omg I recommend it!

  12. raymond sims says:

    i love Kylie Chan's dark heavens books

    also re reading Vanessa ravencroft's galactic chronicles,
    Talosian chronicles by Ben Winston and

    ancient future books by Traci Harding

    all great reads

  13. TheCrazyCatLadyLover says:

    Can i recommend some books i'm loving??. if you read the book series pls tell your opinion about it thank you very much, pls read the series called the vampire diaries. its such a good series. i don't if you like long series but i tell you even if its long series its really good. its has romance and fantasy. thank you very much and i love your vids so much!!!! i want to buy all of those awesome books but of course i have to collect money first. I LOVE YOU!!!

  14. Antoinette Lee says:

    Just finished reading Acowar. I can't believe its over. I hope they make the trilogy a movie or a series. Still having a book hangover. How to move on

  15. Mietze's Bücherecke says:

    i love the series bei Kristen Callihan. unfortunately just the first 3 book got translated in german. have to get the others soon in english

  16. rowaninareadingcorner says:

    Completely off topic, but your love of my country (aka Scotland) honestly makes my heart very happy (Also Firelight is v v v good)

  17. katz BUCH bär says:

    Hi, your Dog ist so sweety, Your Hair beautiful and the bookshelf is wow!! 😀 Nice Video… Many greetings from Germany

  18. shrestha kml says:

    your dog ❤

  19. aiden Pearce says:

    Sasha …. theres someone sitting on the chair ….the dining table chair …

  20. don c says:

    thanks beautiful

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