Borders bookstore to make comeback in Singapore – 31Jul2013

Borders bookstore to make comeback in Singapore - 31Jul2013

SINGAPORE: Book retailer Popular Holdings is bringing Borders back to Singapore.

Popular CEO Chou Cheng Ngok announced Wednesday morning the company acquired the Borders brand for Singapore last year.

The new Borders store would open in Jurong by the end of the year.

Mr Chou also confirmed that the company will be closing its lifestyle concept bookstore Prologue in ION Orchard on 25 August.

Borders closed its flagship store in Wheelock Place in August 2011, and its Singapore outlet in Parkway Parade shut its doors the following month.

Mr Chou said: “People may say that the book industry is a sunset industry. Well sure, you know the sun rises, the sun sets. But for us, we feel that there is still a lot of life left in the book business.

“In Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, I think everybody knows Popular. But Borders is an international brand. To us, it’s a new challenge.”
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2 Responses

  1. Earth Water Air Spirit Fire Lebanese Buffalo says:

    Strategic yin yang prayer for artists and government (lovingly depicted)

    אני התפּלל עבור מקומי משתרה ל להיות אנסים עם תוב כרמה… 

    I pray for local heroic stories to be people with good karma..

    רשאי הֲגִינוּת יש לי שפע… 

    May fairness be abundant

    רשאי ה כוח לאולם תבורית ל לעזור כל חיים יורר, לא בנדאג אנחנו. 

    May the law forever evolve to help all life more, not bondage them.

    השמ, אני התפּלל עבור ממשלה. 

    Hashem, I pray for government

    (At the entrance to the world government)

    תודה עבור האלפבת, הוא זה תוב נצל? 

    Thanks for the alphabet, is this good use?

    השמ, אןי התפּלל זה אות לא שנוי ל גרפיטי. 

    רשאי הקהילה יש לי לא גרפיטי, ו יותר שפר, עם ה אָמָנוּת של יותר מְגוּוָן אמנים שכנה… 

    Hashem, I pray this letters are not changing to graffiti. May the community have no graffiti,  and more book, with the arts of more diverse artists within

    אןי הטפּלל ין ו ינג משתרה ל לִמְנוֹעַ אמנים ם נצל אָמָנוּת ו שפרים ל לְהַזִיק, גם לא ל יצרה

     מַפְחִיד תיאורים. 

     I pray my yin and yang story prevents artists from using arts and books to harm, also not to create frightening depictions

    השם לתת האדמה אהב מלא ו הסד תיאורים. אסטרטגי מוּצָב כי יעהל ו שלומ, ב ה כניסות, גם ב הפּה

    Hashem give the earth love filled and kind depictions. Strategically placed for efficiency and SHALOM (peace) , in the entrances on the side, and also in the mouth (as words)



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