British Airways’ costly computer system crash

The “major IT systems failure” that grounded thousands of British Airways flights over the weekend could cost the airline more than 0 million. CNNMoney’s Samuel Burke reports.

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16 Responses

  1. witcho tito says:

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  2. John Wild says:

    Some BA employees believe the failure was deliberately caused by a disgruntled employee who was made redundant, like many other good, experienced people.

  3. Karthik J says:

    Amature reporting.. drama.. do you really have to do these guess works? Tell you what that guy was terrible even in that.. so called journalism… Bull..Sh..t

  4. ice9 says:

    CNN = Communist New Network. Whether this report is true or not, most of the Leftist garbage you spew is, as Trump said, "very fake news." I just stopped by to give a thumbs down & comment. I don't watch your B.S.

  5. victor jo says:

    Outsourcing is one hell of a drug for big companies.

  6. Emil Iyog says:

    These two are talking out of their ars… how do they know that the airlines are not updating their systems?? Citing the redundancy of the us air traffic control systems as the model?? Lol no such thing as a perfect human built systems…i.e. Miami Terminal Radar outage Aug 2016… 🙂

  7. Tim Chaffin says:

    Couldn't possibly be the geo magnetic storm from CME which passed by earth at about the same time. Come on CNN would it have been that hard to connect the possible dots. Lets make everyone think there is more to this than yhete probably is.

  8. KAIZOKU LUFFY says:

    dumb fucks…… instead of windows /mac they should use gnu/linux, it's the most reliable thing out there……..

  9. Edward Limney says:

    SilverKey hacked British Airways. They wont say it though?

  10. Omar Cruz says:

    SkyNets One Step Closer!

  11. Todd Morrow says:

    Ignore the Information Technology Department at your peril!!
    I. T. shouldn't be an afterthought. All planning should begin with I. T. Involved at the core.

  12. Khoa says:

    Cruz the CEO implemented cost cutting by outsourcing IT department to India (among other things). This is the result!!!

  13. cpetch10 says:

    Did ISIS take responsibility for this? An airlines which has been in operations for decades grounded by a small fire is something to be concerned about.

  14. PirataTube says:

    The British are incompetent in every way.

  15. omar younes says:


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