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Here is my review on becoming a published artist. I went through the process to see how long it would take to complete from start to finish. Although this took me months in the making, from start to finish it would probably take a couple of weeks if you were working on it non stop. But in the end, you get a product that is yours forever that will allow you to collect passive income in the future.

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20 Responses

  1. UncleLoodis says:

    I have sent in my first 'album' to and eight weeks later still awaiting their blessings. In the mean time, I've been becoming more and more confused regarding which company or means I will use to try to sell my music. A question for you: Are you really getting income from selling your music in CD Baby? Say I sold 1000 copies of my album. What kind of money should I expect to see?

  2. YOHAN HENRY MUSiQ says:

    Hey, wsup? Just found your video.. Have you been getting good sales with CDBaby? I hear the Payout is low, so it's easy to reach..

  3. Kimnooz says:

    Thank you!

  4. Doshy Gabbana says:

    so are they still taking out of your youtube money?
    or wud u suggest I Use Cd Baby?

  5. Sixandafter Records says: message me

  6. David DeMarco says:

    does amazon sell your music digitally or album/cd in a hard copy

  7. ANDY PROBYN says:

    A lady you are….Gby

  8. ANDY PROBYN says:

    Hello..I never comment on videos ever but dear your on the right track,bless you and best wishes..:)

  9. ZK Crowley says:

    attention artists.. stay far away from this CD Baby, they like to attack music channels with false copyright claims for shit they don't have the rights to at all.. shit company

  10. jake goforth says:

    does cd baby help you get copyrighted? or do I have to copyright my own songs first?

  11. TheJhaley12 says:

    CD baby is a out and out scam. I know this from experience and anyone who deals with them is going to regret it, you've been warned so make up your own mind.

  12. Jimmy Westra says:

    i been on youtube since 2006/2007 w/video and original music wayyy b4 google. i think i was #365 or something been monotized and every thing. Went thru just to see as you. Google thrashed and trashed everything and I never saw 1 penny but as 4billion other people 10 yrs later get $100 advertising bonus in my email so that I may put up an ad on someone else s video production for a fee and the video owner will never see a penny of that either. Went on itunes sametime OMG I saw money. RevNat. wants submission fees and 1/2 promote a Pay2Play Musician for free so they have something to sell to sponsors that they didn't pay for. I'm pretty assured the market will be flooded with (Help The Musician Money Making Machines Apps) within one year. Another says they can predict the future for a fee. These are all digitized nickle and dime porno machines that never pay out in all reality (for 50 cents more you can see the rest of the film- but the snippets of the film keep getting shorter and shorter for more money each couple of frames) and if they do pay – they pay themselves 1st and if anything is leftover as itunes (If it's not a certain minimum % requirement to $ ratio -They don't need to pay royalties to you and I heard itunes don't pay after your 1st $2000.00 unless your internationally licensed suddenly, and they don't tell you, and you cannot track them down or track an assumed royalty amount using statistics and get it, and they don't have to release the amounts collected OVER the $2000.00 mark once you supply all the required digital paperwork. And they all got the form letter telling you to just put another 50 cents in the slot to see your dreams come true.

  13. Daniel O'Dell says:

    Watch out for this guy "CD Baby" on youtube! He is a hacker who goes around clamming copyright on everyone else’s music. Don’t trust him!

  14. Marcos Alvarez says:

    I would think Amazon would just stick every genre they don't know/have into "Alternative" …. haha guess not

  15. strawberriemusic says:

    Great Video. Thanks

  16. Lisa Amaro says:

    @ transparency audio. Thanks for clarifying. It still does not change my mind. A fee is a fee and I will pick whatever I feel is best.

  17. Transparency Audio & Music Productions says:

    This is right on ASCAP's site. I don't know where you are getting your info from. "There is a one-time, $50 fee for each application submission. This fee is non-refundable, but ASCAP does not charge annual dues or fees."

  18. BlancaTheMusical says:

    thanks i needed to verify if cd baby was the right choice, i found out tunecore runs scams on artist

  19. Mike Johnson says:

    Thank you sooooooo very much Lisa. Now I'm going to go and listen to your music on your website – and maybe buy a song or two!

  20. havikesh napaul says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience…it's a very helpful guide.

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