Cebo (NXGN) “Shout-N-Out” | Artefakt

There isn’t really anyone in the world that we would rather have than Cebo to do our first house dance video!
By far one of the most talented street dancers we have ever seen. We are so grateful to have him support and rep our brand.

Film and Edit by Moonculture Films

Music: Lood ft. Donell Rush “Shout-N-Out”

IG/Twitter: @ArtefaktLife

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8 Responses

  1. ROUSH!HOUSE says:


  2. Louis Martinez says:

    So dope!!!

  3. LIU TIAN HUANG says:

    Cebo is awesome

  4. fnaf fan 300 says:

    G R A The Song is by Lood feat Donnell Rush – Shout N Out.

  5. Kennedy Charles says:

    Very nice good work

  6. Steezy says:

    Another dope one!! Good ish on showcasing the community! 👍

  7. G R A says:

    song ? its so nice , and amazing dancing

  8. DjSegwon says:

    nice promo video bro!

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