Chiara Ferragni: 17 things you don’t know about me

A TBS Crew production.
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Video by Senio Zapruder.
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20 Responses

  1. M Wt. says:

    What dialect is she speaking in? out of curiosity. It doesn't sound like standard italian

  2. Bolerophon says:

    OK.. but does she have a BF..!? That's all i'm asking

  3. Ian Carag says:

    that submariner <3

  4. VidsByRaz says:

    They should have titled it "17 things you're not interested in knowing about me."

  5. Daniela Monroy says:

    She's so cute.

  6. Cinzia Socini says:

    Quando vede il video e piange poco finta ahahah

  7. priyajatti says:

    my fave blogger, Chiara! love your style!

  8. Mattia Lazzoni says:


  9. Natznerdz says:


  10. Clagi Tavoni says:

    Sei bella, simpatica, talentuosa e tutto. Però zia… ti na pronuncia dell'inglese terribile!

  11. Aini Milania says:


  12. ThePangi says:

    Ciao potresti darmi l'artista e il titolo della canzone che parte a 0:36?! Grazie

  13. Zaki El Horan says:

    Oh My God 0:17 look at that gorgeous face

  14. revostage4 says:

    I'd love to be matilda

  15. Emma Fay says:

    so pretty but her accent……….

  16. belita06 says:

    my fridge is always empty too! we must change that chiara!

  17. giorgia forno says:

    che talento nella recitazione. che doti interpretative sublimi.

  18. Genelle Seldon says:

    i always imagine a soundtracka when i walk in the streetsa haha

  19. Anna Pietoso says:

    Seiiii miticaaaa…Grandee chiara continua cosiiii 🙂 sei bella e simpaticissimaa ti seguooo sempree 3

  20. erika geo says:

    Who cares!

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