Chris Stapleton featuring Justin Timberlake low, 360p

I do not own this material. But this has to be shared.
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20 Responses

  1. Angie Wiseman says:

    I have watched this video a 100 times can't get enuff.. best live performance on an awards show EVER

  2. Melissa Brzescinski says:

    This is incredibly exciting! Even more The musicianship is beyond…I can't even…

  3. Andy Cigars says:

    Who is the gal in the thumb for this video? The brunette on the left?

  4. Denise Kato says:

    Love to see Keith Urban and the members of Lady Antellbelum enjoying this song.!

  5. Denise Kato says:

    These two performers are sppppp gpod together!!~

  6. Placebo says:

    *hold my beer

  7. Nichole Thompson says:

    Amazing in every way!!

  8. Mo0m0oSaZn says:

    JT brought so much energy and charisma the crowd didn't even know how to react, but I love the other artist's reaction to this. It wasn't just, "Wow, this is amazing." It was, "F*ck, wish I would've done that." JT changed the game with that song without people even knowing.

  9. Marta Mansfield says:

    Lord have mercy, back again.

  10. susan shelton says:

    Respect to this performance. Touched me. I put it right up there with my new love Leon Bridges. Sang people.

  11. Edgar Daniels says:

    JT and chris=History!! This doesn't happen every day, or even every year!!

  12. Denise Kato says:

    II meant to say that Justin always dressed so well,

  13. CR Wing says:

    I understand JT helped catapult Chris Stapletons career with their duet but I don't think JT did himself Justice with drink you away…just not fitting for his voice…I wanted to hear Stapleton more!! can't touch that Seger-esque tone!

  14. Nick Plaskon says:

    Yes, "This has to be shared". And I thank you for it!
    Let's also give props to Chris's wife, singing those high harmonies, adding to the flavor.

  15. Prizziearias17 says:

    Who's the chick at 5:15 👀

  16. Donna Arnett says:

    love the song

  17. Danielle L says:

    Its impossible to stay still during that second song! I love how every single person in that place is feeling it!

  18. Denise Kato says:

    Unexpected phenomenal performance!!

  19. LeLe Dan says:

    That was music at its best, their voices mesh well together.

  20. Candii Parris says:

    Chris and JT y'all better sing!! 😍 #drinkyouaway

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