Colorado Springs, 1899

Colorado Springs, 1899
Essential Phone
Image by Profound Whatever
I couldn’t keep shining lamps through holes forever, now could I?

It was time for a break from the routine. I started to feel like I was just parodying myself. I was phoning it in (I speak of this project especially). A slippery slope to stowing the Lego away forever.

On to the photo before you: I wanted to convince to myself I could do a straight build. No fancy lighting, no atmosphere, just a lot of architectural detail. And I guess I did pretty well. I like it, anyway.

I’ll go back to my lighting scheme soon enough. Once I come up with an idea where appropriate lighting is essential, and not an aesthetic choice.

Until then, I might be doing this kind of stuff. It was a fun build.

*You’re free to comment, but keep in mind that you’re not talking me off the ledge or anything.

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