David Amerson 2015-2016 Highlights [1080p HD]

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Song: Final Hour X Ray Dogs

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20 Responses

  1. brynae lover123 says:

    this is so cool finding put he is my cousin I just found this out and I really want to contact him but I can't I never new he existed now I do and I am not lieing I am telling the truth? this is so cool

  2. Luis Garrido-Solis says:

    My boiii!!!

  3. Brett Triantafillou says:

    Met his parents in New Orleans Week 1. They said he loves being a Raider! We love him back.

  4. Hurricane Kaine says:

    MVP for the Titans game was Amerson

  5. SLIP NORRIS says:

    I don't know , he put on the silver and black uniform and turned into Richard Sherman lol

  6. Knick Mikell says:

    I was his high school English teacher

  7. raider 808 says:

    D.efense A.ttorney

  8. Brett S says:

    I really liked Amerson when he was in Washington. It is unfortunate that it took being released for him to wake up and start taking the extra steps to be great. Good luck to him. HTTR

  9. ernie99100 says:

    Just resigned, nice to have him another 4 years.

  10. Anthony Burnett says:

    Amerson! Raiders love it!

  11. pablo vazquez says:

    hell of a video, but you are missing the hit he put on geno smith. that would of been a great way to start/end the video

  12. itsmeCK gg says:

    Love the vids. Rise of the Raider Nation

  13. Sitizen Kane says:

    Did you guys notice that every play he made, woodson was very close to the receiver as well? I believe for every great corner, there is a great safety playing along side of him. Look at Sherman, he was struggling when Kam was holding out. He was back to "normal" when Kam came back. Same thing for Patrick Peterson and Honey Badger.

    But it's also a testament for how good Woodson is. Even almost at 40. Legend right there. The GOAT.

  14. goots04 says:

    DA! Whatta damn good player he is! He has more than a chip on his shoulder. He plays with attitude and a desire to defend his receiver 1 on 1. He fits in so well in Oakland and now is being looked up to as a lockdown corner. Sean smith and Bruce Irvin just made DA and Khalil Mack so much more dangerous. I can't wait to watch

  15. SuedeStonn says:

    I don't know why Amerson didn't work out in Washington but he's done great in Oakland, if he continues to put up solid work he's got a home for a long time. ;}

  16. SilenceRN4L says:

    Him and Sean Smith are going to be a nice duo.

  17. Jason Mejia says:

    Mario Edwards Jr video please ??

  18. DisgruntledMarinersFan says:

    hes so dope. Reminds of a young Richard Sherman

  19. armst012 says:

    Pissed off skins fan here. Where the hell was this in DC?? His rookie year he showed promise, but did give up some big plays just like in his college profile said –ball hawk who likes to gamble. Went from having 13 int's one season to 5 ( which is still good) getting burnt left and right his junior year, this was what Mayock said, and we saw teams go after him a lot later in his Redskin career.

    I don't know, pick a perspective, he even acknowledged his play was inconsistent late in his Redskin career .


    It was reported multiple times he had questionable study habits and even he admitted he was playing with a chip on his shoulder in Oakland that wasn't playing with in DC. Maybe we shouldn't have given up on him, maybe it was the only option, maybe he's just another in a long line of players who gets or needed to be cut and find success elsewhere..

    O well what could have been, I guess my question is, is this new chip on the shoulder he's playing with temporary or is this permanent? Time will tell..

  20. Luis Galvez says:

    we just need smith or Jenkins on the other side and Haden ass on the bench for good. Haden lost all his confidence after Riley fucking cooper shitted on him

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