Dr Stephen Cohen: What Is Up With Russian Hysteria

Professor Stephen Cohen is an American scholar and professor emeritus of Russian studies at Princeton University and New York University . His academic work concentrates on modern Russian history since the Bolshevik Revolution and the country’s relationship with the United States.

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16 Responses

  1. luz 123456 says:

    HEY…! GO BACK TO ISRAEL "sofia" !

  2. Green Energy says:

    No More War

    Disband the American Military

  3. Green Energy says:

    Obama is a war criminal

  4. Green Energy says:

    Trump is a war criminal

  5. Joshua Musquita says:

    His name was Seth Rich . Why do people close to Hillary & Bill Clinton tend to end up dead in weird ways? Is it not strange that those who dare to speak out the truth in America just up and have a accidents ? Isn't stranger that their murders are never been investigated?

  6. Jeya Govindaraju says:

    this is a bitchy libtard dumbass so-called news anchor!!!! These libtards need to disappear from this world!!!

  7. Steve Baziuk says:

    No proof of Russian meddling? All 17 U.S intelligence agencies say that Russia hacked.The CIA AND FBI say that Russia (not radical islam)is the #1 threat to American democracy.Why does professor Cohen simply ignore this and the lies of general Flynn,the sketchy relationships of Paul Manafort, the shady business dealings of Jared Kushner.Professor Cohen can apologize for Russian espionage all he wants,but the truth of the matter is that more and more evidence is proving that the Trump team was in treasonous collusion with Russia

  8. Just Ask Evelyn! says:

    Good stuff from Dr. Cohen!!! Yay!

  9. Buddy Floyd says:

    The Ruaaiaphobs need to be put up against the Wall and ____. Where is Uncle Joe when we need him.

  10. David N says:

    Why does Cohen not mention the Neocon's or the MIC. Glaring blind spot–suspect.

  11. Brian D says:


  12. Brian D says:


  13. David Argento says:

    McCain is one of the shills conducting sabotage,

  14. occamsrager says:

    The United States and Russia have been adversaries for decades now, and neither country have anything tangible to show for it.  What would be the logical argument for keeping the status quo?  What would be so earth shattering about the two nations trying to mend fences and get along?  One would think that there could be no downside to a less volatile state of being between the two largest nuclear powers on earth, and a more coordinated front between these two powers against Islamic terrorism.  Sounds like a win/win to me.

  15. TheColonelKlink says:

    NATO is completely obsolete.

  16. Epic Radio says:


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