EB Games FU*KED up REALLY bad. …Or did they?

Last night, an image went all over the place showing EB Game’s site listing “Mario Kart 8 Switch”. People demanded to know the truth of the image, so I’m here to deliver what I think to ya.



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20 Responses

  1. Cripsy Banana Boy says:


    Reality: wtf is this shit

  2. Aussie Guy says:

    EB games IS gamestop.

  3. overclocked orange says:

    copy that

  4. Arthur Perez says:

    Wolfenstein shirt.

  5. Gamer Life says:

    Is eb games only in Australia coz that's what we have we don't have GameStop

  6. It's Mashy! says:

    3/4 games come.

  7. NodeTechGaming says:

    then they announced deluxe….. gg

  8. TheRealTatol GD says:

    Who lives in canada

  9. RareSpicyMemes says:

    It was real

  10. Windows Defender says:

    Imma say fake considering that Mario kart 8 Deluxe comes out tommorrow😂

  11. Andkirby says:

    Well we did get a brand new battle mode but we got no new tracks and 6 new characters..

  12. SUFFER MORE says:

    But then…mario kart 8 deluxe was confirmed.

  13. Varknox says:

    Im from the future. this is legit.

  14. Tyler says:

    Why the ear rape?

  15. Iztac Cedillo says:

    but it is real 😉

  16. Lord Kurzschluss says:

    Copy that.

  17. Ash's Pikachu says:

    Now it is really real

  18. jesus t says:

    when the fuck will i be able to purchase a fucking console online!

  19. Awesomegamer says:

    we all know that this is true now cuz you can pre-order the new mario kart 8 deluxe

  20. Lachie says:

    When you run a "Nintendo hype channel" and wouldn't give a fuck about the mascot, or should I say, "lil' nigga"

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