Elevator – Chapters Book Store Montreal

Riding the elevator in the historic 4 story Chapters bookstore in Montreal. Unfortunately this place will be closing on October 1st, 2014. So I decided to take one last ride aboard this elevator. The employees at this store were given less than 3 months notice that the parent company Indigo has decided to close it down. They will be replacing this with a Victoria Secret store in the coming months.

The elevator is an “Allard” brand hydraulic that travels from the basement up to the 3rd floor, so it serves 4 total floors. With glass windows on two sides and two doors on the other two sides.

A little side note about this store. This was the place I knew I could go to for rare and uncommon magazines, and only one other place sold the magazines I read, in a store across the street from here, but they closed down a month ago too. I suppose I will have to contact the publisher and subscribe to these magazines now.
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  1. skater 20082 says:

    I used to love riding this elevator. It was so fun to see all the different floors because of the window

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