Fifth Harmony Watching Ex-Member Camila Cabello Perform “Crying In The Club”

ok I got inspired by the talented BilLi BuNni Edits to do this so they take the idea credit.
Zayn Watching Ex-Girlfriend Perrie Singing Shoutout To My Ex:
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20 Responses

  1. Katelynn Gabbard says:

    hahha this is soooo fake. 5h weren't even at the billboard music awards.

  2. Sandra Jones says:

    this fake they didn't even attend that

  3. TARIK Bilgiseven says:

    ı wish this happened

  4. Elvira A. says:

    Too bad Camilla's song is flopping heavily on the charts. 😂😂😂

  5. Ana clara says:

    0:08 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Hudak Attila says:


  7. Jontae Aamir says:

    Since Normani didn't win dancing with the stars , yall already know that shade is gonna be real on Keeping Up With Fifth Harmony & Im not here for it ..

  8. carla martinez says:

    normani! she still claps for her but I'm sure if 5h go and perform camila wouldn't even look or care

  9. Mariel Resurreccion says:


  10. ARI LEGEND says:

    I love this photoshop😍

  11. Amisha Mehta says:

    Mani was more happy lern

  12. Joe lovesturtles says:

    Lauren doe 🤔she looks mad but In a sexy way

  13. Jason Carailu says:

    This is fake…..5h was not there at bbma while camila perform….hahHHah

  14. Camila 5H Fan says:

    lol that's cool!!😂

  15. Lexi Dela Cruz says:


  16. alfiann yusuf06 says:

    This real or fake?

  17. Magdalene Keerthana says:

    Even if it wasn't real for some reason Lauren seemed to be salty af..

  18. Chris Fer says:

    I think only Ally and Normany feel happy for Camila..lwatching this video I think this is fake, sorry.

  19. Philbo Phaggins II says:

    I wish

  20. May Ramirez says:

    Is this fake😂😂 why can't they just be happy for her #fakelove #stopholdinggrudges

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