Francesco Totti – Top 10 Goals ever |HD|

Those are the best Francesco Totti’s Goals in my opinion.
Hope you will enjoy this video 🙂

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20 Responses

  1. Cesar Guadalupe Paez Arzola says:

    el mejor jugador de la Roma es Salah

  2. Av N says:

    2:05…😂😂 el narrador

  3. Zain Murphy. says:

    The 6th goal commentary was so stupid haha

  4. FightMiki Fight says:

    This commentator is commentating.

  5. Tiago Manel says:

    And some of these goals were scored against great goalkeepers like Buffon and Toldo… Totti = Legend

  6. Louis Peate says:

    Whys the commentator scream like a stupid cunt

  7. Gey Seaman says:

    That audio…0:07 in…mind blowing. If only we could have our names yelled like that.

  8. Gabriel #Contente says:

    que voz irritante e merda é essa que o comentarista fica gritando

  9. cristian ricci frabattista says:

    se ne và una bandiera e grande calciatore

  10. francisco suarez says:

    jajajaja goooooool goool 9 grita chistoso

  11. DrivingPainsOfALondonGirl says:

    Can't concentrate properly on the incredible goals due to the hysterical commentator.
    Wish I hadn't used headphones 😭

  12. Samuel Bosso says:


  13. Gaming Videos says:

    That commentator haha

  14. Maryam guler says:

    goal 6 the commentator is nuts how long was he shouting goal! goal ! like if agree

  15. rimphyd says:

    The commentator got stabbed everytime totti score ..

  16. Edgar Campos says:


  17. Eduardo Correia Marcilio says:

    jogou na verdade

  18. Eduardo Correia Marcilio says:

    eu sou carioca mas acho que o toti jogou muito

  19. Andre666666660 says:


  20. alphaboy79 says:

    Ma dai… non c'e' neanche il Cucchiaio di Euro 2000…..

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