Hair Dye Basics and Demi-Permanent Dye Application

See how I apply demi-permanent color to my hair in this easy-to-follow, informational tutorial.

In addition to watching, please read my full explanation of how hair dye works, factors that affect results and questions you can use during a consultation with a stylist at

NOTE: It is always my recommendation that you consult a professional colorist or stylist in your area before making any decisions about chemically altering the color of your hair. Even if you intend to do it yourself, it is good to know if what you are considering is actually feasible. Hair dye is not a “one size fit all” process. No two people will get the exact same result because everyone’s hair is different. Using what you see others use or guessing can be a costly, damaging, irreversible mistake. This is not meant to discourage you from ever dying your hair, but to arm you with information you need to make a wise, conscious decision!

Products and Tools:
Ion Color Brilliance Demi-Permanent
Ion 10 Volume Developer
Jumbo Tint Brush
Proclaim Pure Petroleum Jelly (optional)
Hair color mixing bowls
Vinyl gloves
Ion Color Defense After-Color Sealer
Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Shampoo and Conditioner
Conair Prostyle Dryer
To see how I completed my look in this tutorial, view my wash-n-go method tutorial.

Mo’s Favorite Color Systems (as mentioned in this tutorial):
Ion Color Brilliance
Matrix Color Sync
Creative Systems Adore
Wella Color Charm

Total Time:
Total time to apply and process dye was one hour, fifteen minutes. This will vary based on the color system you use.

Keep and Care:
See my tips for color-treated hair to help you maintain your hair after color processing at

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20 Responses

  1. Salvadori Popadillo says:

    Damn, you really do know hair.

  2. Porkalicious says:

    Thank you for the video. I like your explanation on the different factors on the results of hair colouring.

  3. Tinesha Cook says:

    This was so professional & helpful… only question is this process safe for relaxed hair???

  4. Corey Miller says:

    This taught me everything appreciate it 😍

  5. Sheri Water says:

    The color looks terrific!

  6. Fasha Kendrex says:

    Hello I dyed my hair two days ago with dark and lovely hair color is it OK to dye it again tonight I used honey blonde I didn't get the color I wanted and want make sure this is okay thank you

  7. By Grace Beauty says:

    As I Am has a sulfate free clarifying shampoo, could I
    use this with color

  8. Nia Capers says:

    Wats the difference between demi and semi

  9. rdml1125 says:

    Mo, I used the Ion Demi on my 25% gray. I color every 4 weeks, due to quick hair growth/roots show quickly. I was using the ion ammonia free line but wanted to switch to demi. My greys came out lighter/red than the rest of my hair. I have dark brown hair. I left it on for 25 minutes, used the pre color treatment spray and the after color sealer. How long should I wait until I can put another demi application on my hot roots? My hair holds onto moisture,. Though I would mention that in case it helps. I have thick wavy hispanic hair.

  10. LaKesha Raynor says:

    Best video I have seen on any how to on anything! Great job!

  11. Felicia Allen says:

    I used to be in the cosmetology field and this a great video

  12. heyyy says:

    I was wondering if you have to have a hair heat thing? Thanks 💕

  13. Tea Tal says:

    How often can you use this on hair?

  14. Barbara J says:

    Is it a big deal if I have an Ion Demi color with a Developer 9 % number 30? I realized I don't have the 10. Will it harm my hair or will it be okay?

  15. Truptisworld says:

    very nice colour lovvvvvvvved it

  16. Monique T says:

    Can you do this with a relaxer?

  17. Brea Thomas says:

    I just started my hair journey and ran across your site.  I see that you attended Cosmetology School and am soo appreciative for the content of your videos.  When trying new ideas, styles or just learning about hair in its "natural state" you have become my "go to" vlogger.  Thank you so much for the time and extensive commentary you narrate on each video.  Your videos are always quick, professional and straight to the point.  I visited your site and hoped that you were located in California because you were going to become my new BFF! lol However I see that you live elsewhere.  Should you ever decide to move here please be sure to let us know and I'll be the first in the chair. Thanks for your knowledge and professionalism. For those who really want to "understand" our hair and how to best care for it, your videos are Priceless! Much success to you Mo!

  18. Natural Swirl says:

    can you die your hair twice in one day

  19. M. Hudson says:

    Hi MO! I was wondering if this process is safe on relaxed hair? I combed through the comments but didn't see an answer. Thank you!

  20. Marsha Anis says:


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