HENRY ONYEKURU | Goals, Skills, Assists | Eupen | 2016/2017 (PART 1)

Henry Onyekuru (PART 1)
PART 2 HERE – https://youtu.be/sQrkMMentKE
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Henry Chukwuemeka Onyekuru is a 19 year old Nigerian footballer who plays for KAS Eupen. This video shows all of his goals, assists and overall play from the Belgian National Cup and 1st division of 2016/17 season up until the date this review was published.

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20 Responses

  1. ScoutNationHD says:

    PART 2 IS OUT NOW! -> https://youtu.be/sQrkMMentKE #Arsenal

  2. Carl _ says:

    He's a gunner

  3. Aaron Rowland says:

    Welcome to arsenal

  4. Dangalf says:

    Mute and 6:17, you're welcome

  5. Eoin Reindog says:

    Sanogo part 2

  6. shaneey larkin says:

    welcome to the bench at arsenal and never being played for next 3 season

  7. Peh WeiXiang says:

    From the video, I can only say he's a great dribbler but his shooting technique is poor and he's not a good passer. Reminds me of Raheem Sterling

  8. Ralph Tex says:

    He even celebrates like Henry! Nice

  9. Nebutant says:

    damnn hes a skill god

  10. 배훈남 says:

    He's name is for Arsenal! lol

  11. Fil Maz says:

    0:25 U not gonna be the next Thierry Henry if you haven't mastered this.

  12. Courtney-Jai says:

    Seems like a class player he could improve on when to play the ball and when to pass it but other then that great young prospect hope arsenal sign him

  13. Alexandre Lacazette says:

    Fuckin similar with King Henry.. But please guys don't praise him too much.. Let him proove himself first in Premier League as how King Henry did !! GO GUNNERS !! #WENGERIN #KRONKOEOUT #USMANOVOWNER #DAVIDDEINCOMEBACK

  14. dizasta vina says:

    Wenger knows

  15. aram ahmed says:

    Brilliant dribbler but not a great passer worth taking a gamble for 6 mil in today's market

  16. IcefixIsNOTHere says:

    7:48 I thought he was going to score like Kanu

  17. DaberBeast 101 says:

    Arsenal Should give him the number 14 shirt we should also sell wallcott and Francis

  18. Jim N says:

    Gonna get loaned out probs will never wear the shirt

  19. Oyin Jones says:

    I know he's young but he's a poor man's Mbappe

  20. kodu lau says:

    next sanogo?

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