HMV Hell (Halo 2 Machinima)

Filmed & edited by: imSuck
Original release date: July 19, 2006

HMV Hell (Halo Music Video Hell) is a music video montage created using the video game series “Halo”. The series was initially inspired by the “AMV Hell” anime series, but has over time become a style unto itself. HMV Hell was originally created by imSuck with the help of the Machinima group “HollywoodHalo” and friends. The term “HMV” has become synonymous with Halo music video Machinima in the Halo community since the release of the original created by imSuck in 2006. Fans have even made spin-off Machinima movies in the style of HMV Hell. The original series continues to be contributed to by imSuck over the years.
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20 Responses

  1. SwordMa5ter says:

    Oh man even after all this time that beginning still makes me die of laughter

  2. NecromancerKing says:

    Last I watched this was clear back in 6th Grade! 7 Frickin years ago!! Wow time flies

  3. James A says:

    2017 whaddup

  4. Hydra Tower says:

    I remember this on G4 lmao

  5. Dongle Bros says:

    ImSuck you are still god

  6. Dongle Bros says:

    OG youtube

  7. Armin Armout says:

    My god I missed this so much!!!

  8. Joseph S says:

    2017 baby

  9. Vincent Martinez says:

    2017 anyone?

  10. Above the crown says:

    I have never forgot this opening!!

  11. Adam C. says:

    we should all get back on halo 3

  12. kim Foley says:

    So strange hearing this almost a decade since I last heard it. Ahh memories :/. Shame the lead singer of Lost prophets turned out to be a pedo…

  13. Libbythelibby says:

    This brings back so many memories….

  14. JesusWasAnAlien says:

    2017 are you here???

  15. SarutobiMR2 says:

    2017 and stil watching this for the nostalgia xDD

  16. HatchedGeneration says:

    Oh my fucking god. The nostalgia. I watched the shit out of this 10 years ago.

  17. thorin says:

    Still relevant in 2017

  18. Daitin says:

    whose watching in febuary 2017?

  19. Joe Vaglica says:

    This used to be my favorite video as a child, lol and I still love it today!

  20. PurpleCatWithC4 says:

    Take me back….TAKE ME BACK PLEASE

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