How to listen to music with out WIFI!

How to listen to music with out WIFI!

This is my first video, and I thought to myself, seeing as I found an app that can do pretty much what “iTube” did, why not share it? So I did. Listen to music without WIFI using “iMusic bg”. It enables you to cache video’s (download), while streaming. You are able to play music in the backround, and you are also able to play these songs/videos again AFTER cacheing them, WITHOUT WIFI. If you are desperately wanting to keep use of this app, then I suggest, AFTER downloading this app, do not upgrade to the next/latest ios version/update. Because apple has the tendencies to block such apps that allow you to download music from youtube. So if you do upgrade to latest ios after downloading this app, you’re app is most likely going to be deleted or patched. But then again im not sure, they may or may not patch it.
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20 Responses

  1. Mitsu Wada says:

    I've tried searching Imusic IE & Imusic BG

  2. Levani Mirvelashvili says:

    is this app still available on app store? i looked for and there is lots of app with same icon but not same.i downloaded it before but i think this app is not loner available

  3. sadeek Mo says:

    thkz bro!!!!

  4. EssyLoves Stacy says:

    Ewwwwwwww!!!!! Uggs

  5. GOLDEN GUY says:

    How to delete cached file

  6. Elias Striker says:

    doesn't work

  7. Carl Williams says:

    awesome video sir! i also suggested the desktop app imusic by iskysoft, hope you can make a review on it show how to download and pass to phones

  8. Daniel Zaragoza says:

    Does it work without wifi

  9. Nelina Sadiki says:

    I can't find this app and i have been searching for ages!!!

  10. cian O Sullivan says:

    Omfg I have downloaded like 30 apps this is the only one that works. thanks

  11. Na Abdul says:


  12. King_Tee_ 4 says:


  13. Cloudy says:

    can u make a video how to get another app that works please

  14. Cloudy says:

    they patched it

  15. Sunmarie Brown says:

    so corny you need wifi for the music to play

  16. Maëva Lvt says:

    THANKS YOU !!!!!! (I am french 🙂 )

  17. Sushi says:

    Maori?hahahahah u didnt sound like a american

  18. Eternal Anime says:

    Did it work without wifi

  19. Ace Nah says:

    Do you know how to delete songs? Becazse its still cached when i delete it

  20. Elicia Xo says:

    How do u cache it

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