Jim Pattison Salmon Profit

Jim Pattison Salmon Profit

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Jim Pattison has a net worth of almost 7.5 billion dollars, and is one of Canada’s most competitive businessmen.

He’s based in Vancouver and is the sole owner of the Jim Pattison Group, the largest, privately held company in Canada.

Pattison was born in 1928 in Saskatchewan, and grew up in Vancouver.

One of his first jobs was as a USED car salesman. He became so good at it he now owns a large fleet of dealerships. The trademark tactics he learned as a used car salesman have stayed with him throughout his career, including his penchant for loud haberdashery.

Pattison owns over thirty companies, some being; The Canadian Fishing Company, The Overwaitea Food Group, Ocean Brands, Pattison Signs & Billboards, the Pattison Broadcast Group, Ripley Entertainment, The News Group, Jim Pattison Real Estate, Guinness World Records, and many more enterprises.

The Jim Pattison Group employs over 34,000 people.

In 2012, gross sales, generated at 465 locations worldwide were 7.3 billion dollars.

In the 2008 Forbes list of the world’s richest people, Pattison clocked in at # 178, although recently he has slipped down the list, but is still ranked in the top 200.

The aggressive mogul has a reputation for preying on weak companies. He’s made hundreds of acquisitions, and is an expert practitioner of the hostile takeover.

In his early years, Pattison also became infamous for his intimidating policy . . . of firing . . . each month . . . the lowest-producing sales person on his team.

. . . but you have to tip your hat to this hard line entrepreneur who rose through the ranks to conquer and control Western Canada. Stories of his aggressive strategies and unquenchable thirst for profit are legendary.

The Canadian Fishing Company – CANFISCO, owned by the Jim Pattison Group, processes canned salmon under the Gold Seal brand, and various other white labels. Pattison owns outright about half of all the seine net commercial salmon fishing boats in Canada.

In 2010 alone he boiled and stuffed millions of pounds of beautiful wild BC salmon into cans. Much of it is sold overseas where it generates a very high profit.

In 2013 CANFISCO was harshly criticized after the Watershed Watch Salmon Society released a video of one of Pattison’s commercial fishing boats capturing and hauling onboard large volumes of wild salmon. Fishing experts claim the captain brought too many fish onboard at one time, which made it impossible to humanely manage the gasping salmon on the deck.

The CANFISCO boat was fishing for PINK salmon, but it also captured CHUM and highly prized SOCKEYE in the same set, both of which by law had to be returned to the ocean live after being quickly sorted.

Controversy erupted after the video showed the CANFISCO crew roughly handling the netted fish. Sockeye and chum salmon, referred to as by-catch, are seen in the video being pushed by foot and even kicked across the deck. A few look dead as they land back in the Pacific ocean, some almost three minutes after they were dumped gasping on the metal deck of the boat.

Respect . . . is a top down trait employees learn from their leaders, and when it isn’t practiced in the boardroom, contempt seeps into the bowels of the company and shows up on the front line.

When attaining money is your primary goal in life, some people question if a person of Pattison’s voracious disposition should be at the helm of commercial fishing boats that have such direct impact on wild salmon sustainability.

No doubt Jim Pattison is great at many things, but empathy and sensitivity to a threatened species like wild salmon isn’t a trait that seems to be high on the list of a mogul obsessively focused on profit.

Watershed Watch Salmon Society Video – Salmon Abuse


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