John Cleese, Connie Booth – Bookshop

John Cleese, Connie Booth - Bookshop

The bookshop skit, with John Cleese and Connie Booth on stage for Amnesty International (The Mermaid Frolics 1977).
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  1. ProjectFlashlight612 says:

    Booth is terribly miscast here. She's not a good actor….her talent clearly lies in writing, as Fawlty Towers showed…and ill suited to the character she is playing here.  The sound, both live as it happened and on the soundboard recording, is fucking appalling, as well, which does not help.

  2. Mitche23 says:

    I thought this is a variation of the cheese sketch from Monty python.

  3. Michael Hartman says:

    Grate Expectations sounds like something Rouge Cheese had in the Cheese shop sketch.

  4. listerone says:

    I never realized how pretty Connie Booth was.Also,the audio on this clip is horrible….I can only make out about every fifth word spoken.

  5. Slime Shady says:


  6. BobandBear1 says:

    Don't know about the sketch, but Mssrs Peaches Latour and heelfan have had me in kinks with their "debate"..Well done gentleman !!

  7. Rabbi Avner Echoberg-Shekelstein says:

    these sketches are often too long. in any event, monty python is way overrated.

  8. Davman says:

    Yes she was hot, but shes now over 70 years old. Time catches up with all of us.

  9. Malcolm Dale says:

    It's much funnier with Marty Feldmann and John Cleese

  10. Steven R says:

    It's cuter when you know they are married irl

  11. 2000jago says:

    Fuck she's beautiful!

  12. Green Deane says:

    I always thought her hot… still do…

  13. James T says:

    lol never seen ths one

  14. uriituw says:

    Trolling at its finest.

  15. bradd774 says:

    We saw John Cleese and Eric Idle perform this in San Francisco last night it was very funny

  16. Splat Harri says:

    LOL – Cleese copping a feel at 3:20

  17. S Toy says:

    This is basically the Cheese Shop sketch with books.  Still pretty hilarious.

  18. Jyotsna Gokhale says:


  19. Roger Kirk says:

    OK, she wasn't suited for a part written for a type of eccentric Englishmen the Pythons were expert at playing. When they did this for a lark in 1977 they could not foresee its being posted on the Internet to be scrutinized for eternity.

  20. tmjcbs says:

    well… was for a good cause…..

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