Kathy Griffin apologizes for Trump photo

Kathy Griffin apologizes for Trump photo

The comedian posted a video apology for a photo of herself holding what appears to be a bloody, decapitated fake head of President Trump.
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20 Responses

  1. Excaliber Blade says:

    Fired and Boycotted FOREVER! No more bookings jobs Nothing! Go Live in a box!

  2. DocsWorld says:

    a saddening cry for attention, with the likes of snoop dogg. These people are just sad, I will boycott them, at every turn. In fact, I will hire companies, to make sure they are not supported by Americans, period, and will remain jobless for the rest of their lives.These two people are clearly insane, and have mental issues. The apology was fake and heartless. She has 0 morals, and doesn't care who she offends. We dont need people like her in america. Is she american even?

  3. Real WeAreAllAmericans says:

    Well that's what we call political incorrect! I don't agree with this but political incorrect has no place in our government NEVER, NEVER, NEVER.

  4. Excaliber Blade says:

    She need to go to jail! These Hollywood types need to go to jail if they do this crap. Anyone else would be in jail already!

  5. Tony Manero says:

    Muslims would applaud her ad…then, behead her

  6. Sullivan Rivers says:

    she deserves prison

  7. greta abdallah says:

    She rolled her eyes,you can't get more insincere then that….

  8. AwakenTruth111 says:


  9. Amir Schwartz says:

    What is Steve Carell doing at 2:34 ?

  10. Fishmonger ! says:

    Apology video in 240p?
    That alone should be enough to show she wasn't sincere….

  11. Gabe G says:

    Hey dems.. Shit like this is why you lost the election. Keep up the good work to make it 8 years not 4.

  12. Nicole A says:

    It's art get over it like plz

  13. Yul Hubbart says:

    What a stupid woman: she's only apologising because of the backlash – and CNN have decided to throw her under the bus even 'though they have endoresed far worse against Trump: its always funny when marxists turn on each other: maybe there will be a lesson in that for Mz Griffin and other stupid people who pander to SWJs.

  14. Alisa Carrillo-Mohamed says:

    She should be jailed and fired, she did threaten our President, expression of beheading our wonderful President. If anyone else did this, they would be hunted down by the Government and jailed.

  15. Russel Mack says:

    Kathy, take your lame "apology" and shove it up your ass SIDEWAYS !

  16. Alisa Carrillo-Mohamed says:

    She is just as bad as ISIS, she should be jailed for doing this to our wonderful President.

  17. east coast surfer says:

    griffin is an idiot

  18. east coast surfer says:

    griffin is an idiot

  19. Dan Saver says:

    Terrible female.  She needs to get tuned up the army way.

  20. Donna Ponce says:

    …You sick dem leftist fuck…(excuse my language). Not even considering his children, that image will stay with them forever!!!!! I hope not one network on this planet hires your dumbass. Never did like you….you D-list bitch…yes, that is a four legged female dog in heat.

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