Kevin Spacey: ‘House Of Cards’ Portrays An Alternate Reality That ‘Is Possible’ | TODAY

Season 5 of “House of Cards” is about to debut on Netflix, and fictional President Frank Underwood is fighting for re-election while struggling to conceal the sins of his past. His portrayer, Oscar winner Kevin Spacey, shares photos of his character taken by real-life presidential photographer Pete Souza, and also tells TODAY about his upcoming stage performance as Clarence Darrow.
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Kevin Spacey: ‘House Of Cards’ Portrays An Alternate Reality That ‘Is Possible’ | TODAY
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19 Responses

  1. C Adolph says:

    Awesome actor!!!

  2. Alistair Drennan says:

    "I don't think Frank Underwood ever gets desperate, I think he just gets even" – what a line, deserved more recognition

  3. Nikki Demarc says:

    Best. Show. Ever. #OneNationUnderwood

  4. Ardent Dfender says:

    He is Mr President! And a vote for Frank Underwood is a vote for America Works. Go get um Frank!

  5. CHAOS says:

    "there's a notion in politics world politics the history of politics that you can use fear in which to keep people in place or make them vote in a certain way" truer words could never been said. This basically explains The Democratic Party, The MSM, and expecially Bill Maher. Instead of them saying to stand up for what you think is right they tell you to get in line and vote for Hillary.

  6. Mhd Fhm says:

    where can i get that BRIBE dialouge video

  7. Orion E says:

    One nation, UNDERWOOD

  8. Dioleiras says:

    Underwood 2432

  9. Chinchilla Fuzz says:


  10. James Dunn says:

    One more day!!

  11. Enrico Wijono says:

    Underwood 2020 2024 2028 2032 2036

  12. MrBlodhund says:

    Underwood 2036

  13. OmegaTrooper says:

    America works

  14. F S says:

    He will run for president I bet.

  15. Noelia Jaime says:

    It's not a notion Kevin.There have been many Presidents who used fear to win votes..The last one was Trump.before Trump was Bush Jr…That's what Republicans DO.

  16. davocreative says:

    I would totally vote for Spacey/underwood

  17. ShiningDialga says:

    Is it sad that I would rather have President Underwood than President Trump?

  18. bosshobo1 says:

    Fear… by Kendrick.

  19. You get a car! says:

    Kevin and Robin need to win an Emmy this year!! This is by far my fave show!!

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