Letters From Lea Book Launch | McNally Robinson

Letters From Lea Book Launch | McNally Robinson

Terry Létienne is a freelance writer and publisher of community centre newsletters. She owns her own company and has just recently pursued her passion to write and publish books.

Terry has written Letters from Lea, a fiction story based on actual letters written in 1932 and 1933. She was approached by a family friend to translate the letters from French to English, and once the over fifty letters were translated, she conceptualized a fiction story based on, and including, every letter.

She also helped Susan A. Thompson, former Mayor of Winnipeg, and the only woman so far to hold that title, write her autobiography. Her Worship: Moments in History, Moments in Time was launched on October 2, 2016.

Terry Létienne’s Website: http://terryletienne.ca
Terry Létienne’s Twitter: http://twitter.com/WirdWiz

Letters From Lea

When twenty-eight year old Lea Mahy is hospitalized miles away from home in October 1932, she maintains a connection with family by writing letters to her husband and mother. What transpires is a heart-wrenching account of a young wife and mother yearning to be with her family once again.

Set in rural Manitoba during the depression, this story will steer you through the emotions that Lea felt all those years ago. At times you will laugh, and at other times you will shed a tear. Throughout the story, you will be captivated, wondering what poignant detail will be revealed next.

Based on actual letters written in early 1930’s, this fictionalized story is filled with tales of love, loneliness and heartache.


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