Miss Universe 2007 – Riyo mori

Miss Universe 2007 - Riyo mori


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20 Responses

  1. Roy Perez says:

    I'm happy that she won that year…But Kurara Chibana of 2006 was better.

  2. plirimin plirimin says:

    the cat walk!!😍😍😍

  3. vey young says:

    She is so lovelyyy 😍😍😍👑

  4. Semi Jang says:

    such a ignorant woman..

  5. Mariana Alarcon says:

    Es hermosaaaaaa

  6. Daniel Samputon says:

    It seems that the interpreter of Riyo, Miss Universe 2007 and Miss Universe Thailand 2016 Chalita Suansane are the same.

  7. Santiago Sénnikov says:

    Riyo Mori was an AMAZING Miss Universe. For me she is in the top 10 of the most BEAUTIFUL, inteligent, classy, sweetest, fashion, elegant and espectacular Miss Universes ever. And of course the best from Asia.
    Greetings from Peru.

  8. Jorge Servellon says:

    I love Rio She was a great miss Universe

  9. Akbar Fitriadi says:

    she so natural in every situation

  10. BLOG FDFA says:

    Sou brasileira, torci por Natália, acredito que ela era quem deveria ganhar o Miss Universo mas gosto muito da Mori. Ela é linda sim e seu traje de gala foi tão icônico que é copiado até hoje por misses no mundo inteiro. Por favor brasileiros, parem de ficar dando hate em cima da menina, isso não vai fazer a coroa ir pra Natália. Mori fez um bom reinado.

  11. Nikola Parker says:

    Ugly. Small eyes, short legs, strange face as she slept monts ago.. : D Best miss Universe is Oxana Fedorova. Russia.

  12. NaraePark11 says:


  13. Paul Skye Kahawaty says:

    Honey Lee is much more beautiful than her!

  14. Elizete Oliveira says:

    A brasileira era mil vezes mais bonita , essa ai ganhou por questões politicas , que vergonha .

  15. Maria Salcedo says:

    Im a filipina and i love her she deserves to be Miss Universe.. she is one of my favorites.. to all who hates her.. move on guys. Because no matter what you do, she is miss universe in her time.. accept the fact, ok???

  16. Eagleyes77 Kimv says:

    power of money

  17. moon byul says:

    수상을 취소해야 한다 남의 나라 참가자 떨어뜨리려고 그딴 질문 하다니;;;ㅋㅋ 망할'

  18. Lucas Mendes says:


  19. Lucas Mendes says:

    The same interpreter with miss thailand 2016

  20. Ubicatex Now says:

    Nice Girl

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