My Lasik Experience | Bonus: My Reaction to Valium

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20 Responses

  1. porquetequejes says:

    my right ear is doing all the hearing

  2. Heather Rembe says:

    I don't know who is filming at the doctor office but wow it made me nauseous watching…they were a bit shaky. Obviously they don't film often. lol

  3. Elle Sin says:

    was thinking about the men in black bit of this yesterday while i was having my eyes lasered!! THANKS NIKKI 😀

  4. Jennifer Rodriguez says:

    Why the hell is nikki sitting in the back take that bitch out in the front like wtf? Lol

  5. Anna Ramos says:

    I just had Lasik with Contoura last night. I was so nervous and I felt so nauseous after taking the vallium

  6. Amber Unruh says:

    for my eye surgery the whole procedure was like 1 minute and 10 seconds and that was both eyes. it was super fast.

  7. Astrid Guerra says:

    Can someone tell me about her point and shoot camera? What model is it?

  8. Mr Bob says:

    Would not recommend getting cut. According to the FDA the risks are much too high for me.
    I researched it thoroughly for myself….much too dangerous imo.
    Also most people get regression and end up with glasses again.

  9. Jenn Campagna says:

    I just got mine done a week ago. How long before you can fully work out again?

  10. Arely Villalba says:

    If I get that procedure, I want your after experience too… Eating junk food on the way home ♡

  11. Horacio Valdez Hero says:

    Many people are showing complications just a few years after surgery and some are worse off….Any problems up to right now?

  12. trixchialoveskimchi6 says:

    how long did you wait after working out? because I got LASIK too aaannnnndddd…. yeah~

  13. ckom0007 says:

    Got it done 25 years ago. I have 20-10 vision to this day!

  14. Lemon Lindsay says:

    You look so much like Kristin Davis!

  15. Lauren says:

    the "I'm Men In Black" was so serious for you insert laughing/crying face

  16. Courtney Mays says:

    Omg my sister got this done! she was so uncomfortable and I almost started crying like I'll save you! !!!!!

  17. carlos mendoza says:

    LOL. Christian so took the opportunity to floor the Range Rover hahaha.. Nikki was hilarious to watch after the procedure all drugged up hahaha…

  18. ShoppingBunny says:

    Congrats on your surgery. I'm glad you like it. I'm going to bother you again but can yo please do a detailed video on your car and your point of view plz and thank you.

  19. Rachel Luong says:

    What was your vision before LASIK?

  20. Sergio Zambrano says:

    I had the surgery done 11 days ago!!!!  It's  great!!!  see the world in full hd 🙂
    Nikki what about going to the gy when did you go back to lifting weight….. my doctor said yesterday that I have to wait 1 month!!!  but  it seems  so  long to me!! I am ready now,, WHAT TO DO???

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