Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang ● Welcome to PSG ● 2017

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▷ Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang ● Welcome to PSG ● 2017
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20 Responses

  1. SportVideosMM says:

    Remember to turn on notifications for the channel if you want to see every video!

  2. Jvniq says:

    Pelé welcome to FC Sunderland…

  3. marios zamparas says:

    robben welcome to fullham

  4. Tony Lange says:

    neymar welcome to Sunderland….

  5. Lauri313 says:

    Y tf from all clubs.. o.0 But maybe he wants 2 win titles. Cause when Monacos players leave 2 bigger clubs, Psg may aswell win the title next season.

  6. Luis .35. says:


  7. Oladamola Awe says:

    naby keita

  8. Oladamola Awe says:

    you should make a video about many keita

  9. Zlatan Ibrahimović says:

    ma dio porco doveva andare nel milan:(:(

  10. Lol123 says:

    I m french and i can confirm he want to join paris but anterro henrique ( the director of sport ) want a moment for have the decision

  11. Arthur says:

    quem vai entrar no lugar dele ?

  12. Football Edits says:

    Nice video please watch my if you have time

  13. Marcus De Villiers says:

    He signed for €61 million and a €8.5 million annual salary
    don't you guys read news and shit

  14. Lucas Moura says:

    It's already safe you idiots

  15. HichamNtr says:

    Shit Striker. Just run fast, 0 skills. Overrated

  16. Flaco10 says:

    noo i dont want him

  17. Jesse Shepherd says:

    leo messi – welcome to West ham

  18. Cristiano Ronaldo says:

    Its a Done deal

  19. Chris18888 says:

    Clickbait guy:)

  20. JJ B says:

    He is Not going to psg, and not for 70 Mio.€

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