President Obama Dancing with Thalia at Fiesta Latina @ The White House

President barack obama dancing with thalia at the fiesta latina at the white house
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15 Responses

  1. ANDRÉS ESPEJO says:

    lo maximo thalia

  2. sebastian ! says:

    so great song in live version,and thalia is so cute !

  3. Cristopher M says:

    No le importo q sea un sr casado llego a buscar provecho de la fiesta

  4. Como Mensajero says:

    What a moment, only Thalia would pull something like this, bravo Thalia. Como lei por alli…Maria Mercedes pa´servirle a ud…

  5. lexita García says:

    Thalis hizo quedar bien a México!

  6. tony smith says:

    thank god ur comment was flag by the secret service

  7. rubenfiero says:

    You are pure evil…but funny hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!

  8. Lizeth Ramirez says:

    shit you know he was excited dancing with thalia… He was like yes at last I dance with someone who's sexy and hot…. Look at his wife she has big

  9. boriqua11596 says:

    his wife was mad at him that day…she did not even look at him while he was talking to her

  10. RocketRollit says:

    i loveee our president hahaha! finally one that can dance!

  11. xDNachoxD says:

    Q trola esa talia

  12. americathinks1 says:

    obama es parte del show

  13. Rodrigo Jimenez says:

    Amazing video

  14. Mátyás Patai says:

    Thaks this video! I love it:)n

  15. gregdog550 says:

    the first lady didnt like this at all jajajaajj

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