Randy Liedtke Stand-Up 10/06/15 – CONAN on TBS

Randy Liedtke Stand-Up 10/06/15  - CONAN on TBS

Randy Liedtke’s new memoir was just released as an audiobook and good news! It comes with a director’s commentary.

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19 Responses

  1. Darcie says:

    His freaking giggle is the cutest thing

  2. Austin Full says:

    Dark humor with soft and charming delivery. New.

  3. Darcie says:

    I love his little giggle. It's too cute 😀

  4. Morgan Murphy says:

    This is the guy who did "Warter"

  5. Rocky Ruggiero says:

    absolutley fantastic. so good. omg i'm dying

  6. Shay Jay says:

    I like how the crowd goes awww when they think the dog will be kilt for biting the boy but then clap when they kill the boy.

  7. skchalivetlnd says:

    so natural & hilarious!
    new fan.

  8. macmars92 says:

    BONE ZONE!!!!

  9. Mason Nekola says:

    did you know he has a twin

  10. Minna Kay says:

    Oh my god this guy is great, he's hilarious "I don't know why you're clapping but that's nice of you"xD

  11. llpf says:

    like his style and technique.
    dark humour, twist, making fun of the format of comedy…
    and something new using the technology, nice touch. some refinement then he should be on even bigger stage.

  12. ProjectRedfoot says:


  13. HappyPantsTime says:

    The bit with the director's cut and his expressions were good.

  14. ShadowBro says:

    I was really getting into his audiobook story…

  15. GatopardoiTV says:


  16. LovePeaceAlways says:

    Bone Zone podcast with Randy and Brendan Walsh is fucking great!

  17. Gundogcox24 says:

    do you think he filmed this before or after his 11th poop of the day?

  18. In It To Spin It says:

    shit that was great.

  19. bigbubbano23 says:

    Urban Randy!!!

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