Robin Wright Got Drunk at Studio 54 on a Class Trip

Robin Wright Got Drunk at Studio 54 on a Class Trip

Jimmy and Robin chat about an encounter she had with her childhood obsession, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and they discuss her latest film A Most Wanted Man.

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Robin Wright Got Drunk at Studio 54 on a Class Trip

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20 Responses

  1. CPapadakis says:

    That dude just can't speak properly

  2. The1bangladesh1 says:

    She is my wonder woman.

  3. Luluș Ione says:

    Her laughter is sooo sweeeet!

  4. Juan Ayala says:

    her charm and gorgeous laugh and smile just go to show how intense of an actor she is, playing such a stoic, cold and ruthless woman

  5. You get a car! says:

    Love her and her laughter❤️

  6. BeefAndPumpkinSoup says:

    Claire is a woman I want to be when I grew up.

    and I'm a guy.

  7. glee 401 says:

    W8 wut is she a lesbian ?

  8. aRiP aRiFfiN says:

    Jimmy you stuttering idiot….

  9. John Yi says:


  10. geronimo says:

    1:29 "my girlfriend and I" she is/was lesbian?

  11. kopec82 says:

    Getting my haircut ideas from this beautiful woman! Obviously it won't look this good but I'm going to try! Wish me luck!

  12. Paul Mead says:

    Is it just me or has The Dump watched House of Cards? I wonder if he has watched House of Cards, 100s of times.
    Sometimes I wonder if he adores Frank Underwood and sometimes I wonder if he thinks he is Frank Underwood.

  13. You get a car! says:

    Give her an Emmy already! She's transporting as Claire!

  14. DYS TOPIA says:

    Jimmy fallon is a dead faking alive

  15. Titania fae believer says:

    Soooo beautiful and lovely !!!

  16. Timothy Lines says:

    net worth 60 mil.

  17. Peter Mullen says:

    Never wanted to screw someone so badly, and murder them at the same time, Claire Underwood. Robin is a fantastic actress, amazing. She totally stole the show for me. Spacey did a great job as a screaming maggot asshole, but Claire was the most evil of rotten nasty bitches. Want to kill Chloe too, to bad she already got killed off. What an evil bitch. Robin is a master. One of the best shows in fifty years, because everybody hates congress, where they play poker with our money , gambling with other peoples lives, and the house always wins. Genius work, "the show that is".

  18. Abay Kozybayev says:

    Kelly Capwell

  19. jaymillymills says:

    Hard to imagine she is studio 54 old

  20. kra onix says:

    moxt beautiful american woman, i love her

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