Ryan Reynolds Accepts EW’s Entertainer of the Year Award | Critics’ Choice Awards | A&E

Ryan Reynolds accepts the Entertainment Weekly Entertainer of the Year Award, presented by T.J. Miller and Jess Cagle, at the 22nd Annual Critics’ Choice Awards (December 2016). #CriticsChoice

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Check out clips from the 21st Annual Critics’ Choice Awards ceremony in this playlist:

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The Critics’ Choice Awards are bestowed annually by the Broadcast Film Critics Association and Broadcast Television Journalists Association to honor the finest in cinematic and television achievement. Comedian T.J. Miller returns as host of the star-studded ceremony, broadcast live from the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica.

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20 Responses

  1. TvShowsClip says:

    0:28 poor Donald

  2. Hendry yyy says:

    dissapointed.. he forgot to thanks God for the award..

  3. Timoty Cocjin says:

    Tony Stark – Robert Downey Jr.
    Deadpool – Ryan Reynolds
    Joker – Heath Ledger
    Wolverine – Hugh Jackman
    Captain America – Chris Evans

  4. Marcus Wellz says:

    "and for no reason at all, i suppose my children" LMAO classic Ryan. i mean Deadpool.

  5. Elena B95 says:

    Why weren't people in the audience excited at the beginning? I mean, it's RYAN REYNOLDS GUYS
    Anyway I'm so glad he got this recognition, he's funny and talented and generous 😍😍

  6. Ananda Bliss says:

    1:50 Vanity makes us lose the sense of proportions. The injected faces of these people, are become very disfigured, and slowly that is becoming the normal "beauty".

  7. Lee Bosch says:

    I love Donald Glover's permanent IDGAF face

  8. Lori BE says:

    Humbling with our AMAZING true Canadian Ryan
    MOST STELLAR SPEECH EVER LOVE a breast cancer survivor fellow sister

  9. anandban says:

    we need a documentary about how deadpool was made.
    imma buy 6 tickets.

  10. Jane Gilmore says:

    About time!!! I've always loved his humour!!!

  11. the deadpool says:

    deadpool is a masterpiece ryan renolds deserves a lot of awards for it.

    he's not just a good actor,but a good person as well.

  12. TF FOC Dinobots says:

    Good man!

  13. JETBLASTIX says:

    even the audience/nominees are tired of attending these events…

  14. Jake Castle says:

    awesome ryan Reynolds is the best

  15. A says:

    why does everyone in the audience look so bored

  16. hillary clinton will not be president says:


  17. Akumu says:

    Not that I disagree about RR getting this award. But why is this on the Trending page when it only has 111k views? I know that youtube panders to TV stations like this but this is a bit much

  18. Ben Doran says:

    How is it possible to be that good looking dear lord

  19. Dylan Fulk says:

    Can you imagine him being both Golden Globe AND Oscar nominated for a movie like Deadpool? I can see Deadpool getting a Best Picture nod possibly

  20. mahowny77 says:

    Donglover is looking a tad salty

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