(sakamoto desu ga) Funny moments #1

hey guys this is sakamoto desu ga funny moments part 1,
can we get 3 likes that would be awsome thanks.
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18 Responses

  1. Pol64 says:

    he is perfect

  2. ISpaceGhost9I says:

    I don't think I've ever put a dislike on a video before but the background music is just painful.

  3. Amir Kh says:

    Worst video ever

  4. Ice Cream says:

    Kyoya and Sebastian's son.

  5. Woodchuck12 says:

    hot damn

  6. Patricia Jaquelin Nuevo says:

    i looooveeeeeee YouTube:)

  7. blink1445 says:

    Sakamoto vs Sebastian Michaelalis

  8. Finger Puppet says:

    When your too perfect

  9. Char Paw says:

    Cool 😎 more like weird 😞

  10. mikky panda-chan says:

    what episode is at 1:56?

  11. Spmcc says:


  12. Mega Buster says:

    yare yare daze

  13. profoundresolve says:

    The background music was a bit distracting …

  14. trippy kev says:

    THIS SONG IS THE COOLEST -SAKAMOTO https://soundcloud.com/eyecah/sakamotosaucin

  15. Sharon Saldanha says:

    Hands down,he's awesommmmmmme

  16. for Theboys says:


  17. EXFAM says:

    well damn, look at dem views :O

  18. Tuncher Akif says:

    I thought you did part 1

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